Painting faux gold thrift store candle holders

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Browsing your thrift store grab those faux gold stuff, cause I’m sharing how to paint them using my thrift store candle holders.

Painting thrift store candle holders

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When you walk into a thrift store what do your eyes scan the room for?  I look for wood stuff first, then spindles, then anything that would look awesome…in another color.

Painting faux gold

If you walk into most thrift stores you will find faux gold objects.  These candle holders are ceramic painted in what I call, “dirty gold!”

So, let’s update the candle holders to a crisp modern farmhouse style with a bit of “dirty.”

The supplies I gathered

Chalk-based paint, I used Rustoleum linen white.
Paintbrushes including an artist brush
My homemade chalk-based wax in clear and dark
Painters Pyramids (just got my first set, why did it take me so long??)
Soft rag

The steps to paint

covering the dated gold

If you like the dirty bits, paint over the gold leaving the dark areas.  This is a fast way to update the gold, cause you can be done now!  You can see the easy painting idea on these thrift store frames.  But if you want a crisper look…

chalk painted and clear waxed

Paint covering completely.  Let dry.  Then paint a second coat.  When that coat dries, apply a clear wax.

How I apply wax

The clear wax is applied all over.  I used a soft cloth and dipped it into the wax, then applied over the candle holder.  Then using a clean area of the cloth, buff.  Let the wax dry.

The clear wax creates a barrier from the dark wax.  This keeps the white “cleaner.”

Without the clear wax, the piece looks dirty.  Which might be the look you want!!!

Using an artist brush to age paint

How I applied the dark wax

I use an artist brush to apply the dark wax into the crevices.  Then buff over the surface to smooth.  Let dry.

How to makeover updated gold candleholders after

I plopped a couple of chunky candles on the holders and took about 20 pictures.  Then download to the computer to edit and realize one candle was running outta battery juice.

Oh well!

Gold candleholders updated

My mom is visiting while waiting for her new apartment.  She’s moving back to Arizona.  I think these candle holders will fit perfectly in her home.

gold turned shabby candleholders

Thrift store candle holders refreshed.

Thrift store candleholders updated


Watch for the faux gold frames update coming soon!

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  1. This one is awesome. I really liked painting faux gold thrift store candle holders. Much appreciated for sharing this post.

  2. That was a nice quick little project and they turned out so pretty!!
    My “Treasure Pile” will never dwindle….now I have to go looking for dirty gold pieces! LOL

    Those Treasures at the bottom may not ever see the light of day BUT they had ideas behind them at one time. Not sure what’s under there now and certainly don’t remember what the ideas were! Maybe it’s time I shop my piles! HA! Someday. Gotta beat “someone” to the thrift!

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