How to make elegant candles from battery candles

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How many times have you seen a bunch of old warped candles sitting on a shelf in a thrift store? After reading this, you’ll be buying up those old warped candles.

Chunky battery candles DIYWhat is it about a woman of a certain age?

That age when you lay awake at 2 am every night and can’t fall asleep.

Should I get up?  What would I do?

Then the brain starts thinking.

The brain starts scheming.

Chunky Flameless Candles

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Don’t you love all the chunky melty wax flameless candles? Except for the price?  How could I do something similar?

Pour melted wax down the sides of my battery candles?

Should I get up now and try?

Then either the calm of having a project planned out in my head or the snoring of the dogs captivate me back to sleep.

Chunky flameless candles DIY

Inspired in the middle of the night

The next morning I grab two battery candles and an old wax candle.

old pan for wax

Then I scrounge around for an old pan.

with crack

This one will do.  The handle’s cracked.  I think I washed it too many times in the dishwasher. 😏

melting waxI tried to chop up the old candle, but it hard to do…

…so I set it directly in the pan and turned the flame on low.  Please create at your own expense.  Click to read more of my disclaimer.

Liquid wax for flameless battery candles

I moved the candle around the pan until it would lay down in the bottom.  Then using a spoon I stirred and flipped the melting candle over.  I put a circle of foil just inside the candle tops…in case I missed.

The house smelled great!

spooning on waxWhen the wax turned clear I removed from the heat and continued to stir.  The wax started getting cloudy.

Still stirring!

When the wax started getting lumps I spooned the lumps on the candles…

chunky wax on battery candles…completely covering.

Cooling wax for chunky candles

The wax in the pan was now too thick, so returning to low heat it became “pourable” from the spoon.  To finish the look I simply pour the wax carefully down the sides.

How to DIY apply softened melted wax to battery candles. Fun, easy project. Country Design Style

These are delicate little things.  I have to handle carefully but they do look great and the “flame” does show through the extra wax.  It’s hard to see in the after pictures but that’s due to my photography skills.  I’ll add a nighttime photo…

…during one of the sleepless nights, yawn!!

Chunky Flameless Candle in darkOkay, another sleepless night!  Here are the candles all aglow at night. 😀

What do you do when you can’t sleep?

Update to post.  I’ve made more!!!!  


hanging in place with #batterycandles #DIY #chandelier #candlechandelier

You can see I’m using them everywhere!  Here they are in a spindle chandelier I made from an old broken coffee table leg and a thrift shop chandelier.

If you’re interested in using a candle kit to make your candles these are some great kits.

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  1. ADORABLE🥰!!! I Just Commented ABOUT Using LED Candles AND I SAW THESE AWESOME ones!! I Have a Picture Over My stair’s And They Have scones BUT LEDS ARE the way to go👏🏼👍🏼♥️I LOVE HOW REALISTIC These LOOK!!! THANKS for Sharing!! G-d♥️Bless😊

  2. I love it. I make handmade beeswax candles but have quite a few of the flameless ones for the convenience of the timer. Do you think I can use my beeswax instead of an old candle? If so, FYI y’all– you can color the beeswax 🙂 The bricks go a very long way and they are like $1/ea.

    1. Sherri, I haven’t tried beeswax to cover candles but I sure it would work. I have beeswax beads that I use to make homemade furniture wax. It melts and resets the same as the old candle wax. Thank you for your comment and idea.

  3. I love that you thought of this in the middle of the night. I do the same thing! Have you ever finally woken up the next morning and thought…what was that great idea? Sometimes I think it should be written down. Your candles are fabulous! Just bought my first flameless candles at TJMaxx. Love them!

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