Easy Painting Idea for Thrift Finds

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Painting to hide the gold or painting when perfection isn’t necessary.  Easy painting idea for thrift finds to relax with.

Thrifty frames

Yes, you have permission to paint a bit uneven and messy. The end results work for these thrift store frames.

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Gold Frames and candlestick

I found these frames for $10 each. It will take an extra large nail to hang these guys. They’re heavy.

A couple of weeks ago I shared how to paint gold thrift store candle holders and then add back the aging.

Today’s project is simpler. We’re not going to paint the aging.

Notice frames, candle holders and any home decor with the faux gold has dark aged areas in the crevices?

Painting heavier

Notice above I am painting over the smooth gold area with a heavy amount of paint.

By the way, I shared the “action” photo of the paintbrush on Facebook!  Any idea what I’m doing wrong??  Let me know in comments.

Painting Lighter

Over the gold details of the frame, I’m using a lighter amount of paint.  Think of dry brushing!



I used chalkboard spray paint and covered those lovely flowers in both frames.

Frame details

A couple of tips

  • Use more paint when covering flat areas of gold.
  • Remove most of the paint on a paper towel when covering the high areas.
  • Do two coats. This is a messy “get paint on” type of project, but painting two coats adds the depth of color.
  • Use chalk-based type paints. Otherwise, you will need a primer to get the paint to stick to the slick surface of the faux gold. And who wants to do that!!

Paint Pyramids

I used my favorite new paint tool…the paint pyramids!  Love em!

Thrifty Frame

Now it’s time to relax!


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