Chunky Flameless Votive Candles

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chunky flameless votive candles #batterycandles #candles #lightingLast November I made two chunky flameless candles and I L~O~V~E them!

They are always sitting out somewhere in the house.  Even during these hot summer months they look great displayed with sea shells, vases of flowers, or whatever the flavor is at the moment.

I change things…a lot!

Two chunky candles are not enough and I planned to make more this fall.  Candles are more of a fall winter thing, unless you love them!  But I’m working on a project that will need smaller candles than the 3 inch ones.

Teaser, it’s going to be an awesome project!

Chunky-flameless-votive-candles-country-design-styleSo, I went ahead and made some chunky flameless votive candles.  I bought four battery votive candles and grabbed some tea lights, just to see what I could do with them.

Digging around in my mess display cabinet I found an old candle.  I need to organize that cabinet!!!

melt wax #batterycandles #candles #lightingGrabbing the old pan used when making the first candles I  started melting wax.  Melt the candle until completely liquid on a small flame stirring a bunch.

Cooling wax #batterycandles #candles #lightingRemove the wax and let it start to cool.  Stir as the wax starts getting cloudy and forming lumps.

first layer of wax #batterycandles #candles #lightingNext I spooned on the soft thick wax into the candles.  I push the wax into the waxy battery candle with a back of the spoon a bit.  This is the first layer done.

I let the first layer of wax harden then added a second layer.  I did these while making dinner, so I had to remelt and let cool, spoon, turn the steak outside on the grill, remelt, let cool, check the corn of the cob….

Second layer of wax #batterycandles #candles #lightingNot only did I end up the cool chunky flameless votive candles, but a pretty good meal.

I didn’t burn the steak!  Whew!!

chunky flameless candles displayed #batterycandles #candles #lightingI gathered them up on a tray and displayed them on our mantel.

They are lit, but I’m still not the photographer I hope to be. 🙂

Chunky Battery candles lit #batterycandles #candles #lightingHere they are at night!

before and after #batterycandles #candles #lightingLiving here in the woods, and in the middle of a drought battery flameless candles are perfect.  But I never liked the look of the inexpensive ones.

add wax to flameless candles #batterycandles #candles #lightingI’m not going to pay $40 for a fancy one when I can make these chunky flameless candles just by covering simple battery candles with wax.

mixed with other candles #batterycandles #candles #lightingHere’s my chunky flameless votive candles displayed with the 3 inch candles I made last November.

displayed on mantel #batterycandles #candles #lightingI’m not sure if the smell of the melting candle last night is still lingering or if these candles smell of the wax when lit, but it smell great in here.

love them #batterycandles #candles #lightingWish you could “scratch and sniff” your computer screen!

Dress up Battery candles.  More how to add wax to battery candles on website.  Country Design Style Oh, and those little tea lights,  Here they are.  I did think the wax would hold well since the tea lights are plastic and not the waxy stuff on the larger battery candles, but so far…

They are kind of cute, don’t you think?

I added washi tape to a couple of them.

Is this a project you would try?  Let me know in comments below. 🙂

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  1. I am looking for some kind of candle to make for a table decoration for our TEA in the springtime. It will be for a door prize. do you have any ideas. This flameless one is great but not tall enough.

    1. Thank you. I get these ideas and when I go to work on them my brain just doesn’t know what to do first so nothing ever gets done. We just moved to Payson and I’ve been spending all my time unpacking and trying to organize, another reason nothing crafty gets done.

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