Finial Stem Pumpkins

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Do you get ideas that pop in your head in the middle of the night?  This one came to me one night…could be a nightmare.

pumpkins or gourds
Finial Stem Pumpkins…what?

Well, I bought some pumpkins…

Pumpkins or Gourds?

pumpkins or gourds

…actually, I don’t think I got pumpkins. Not really sure what kind of things these are, but they were the right size and had no stems.


Wood finials for pumpkin stems

I have a collection of finials. The white wood finial is from those 70’s white and gold bedroom sets. The green finial is from a cute little wood table that fell apart from being outside in the weather. Still not sure why I left such a cute table outside, but at least I’ve made several projects from the spindles, legs, and top.

Finial stem for pumpkin black

The black one was in the junk drawer and is the finial used for a curtain rod. In this house I had extra.

Oh…if you’re not sure what a finial is, it’s the ornamental top or end piece of an object.


Finial stem pumpkins Country Design Style4

The black finial got a dry brush with creamy white paint.

Dry brushing finials for pumpkins

The green finial got the same treatment. Actually, I think this is a foot of the table. Anyway.

Wood finials for pumpkin stems

The white one was sanded to remove the 70’s gold. I put a bit of antiquing wax to bring out the distressing.

Screwed on the pumpkins gourds

Double ended screw

I planned on hot gluing the metal finial and had good intentions of using a double ended screw into the wood finials, but then I thought…why? Make it simple and hot glue them all. While the hot glue gun was heating up I painted the pumpkins, or whatever they are, creamy white.

Thanks stencil

Between coats on those pumpkins things, I had a scrap piece of wood that I experimented with the steel wool, vinegar, and tea barn wood technique. It turns new wood into barn wood, you can read about this old wood here.  This technique is so great and fun! Wish it would work on these pumpkin things! Oh yeah, back to the scrap piece of wood. I lightly stenciled “thanks!” using my almost black paint.

finial stem pumpkins

I hot glued the finials on top of those pumpkin things and voile!

Anyone know what the pumpkin things are? I thought some sort of gourd, but they are soft like a pumpkin.

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  1. Andi Cacciatore says:

    Whatever they are, I like them! Those finials add a lot of character and class to them – Great idea!

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