Thrift Shop Project and Nephews

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Thrift shop project and nephews #thrift #diy #thriftshopprojectThis is about a thrift shop project and nephews.

One wonderful thing about working from home is being able to spend time with family when they visit.  This past week my sister and two nephews, James and Alexander came up the mountain for a visit.

I love working with the kids on projects.  Keeps them busy and entertained…and I can get the pile of ideas finished.

ThriftShopProjects SQ https://countrydesignstyle.comToday is Thrift Shop Monday!

dated cordboard https://countrydesignstyle.comThis is a bit dated cork board I found at a thrift shop in January.

Then left it in a closet. :/

Paint chalkboard #thrift #diy #thriftshopprojectSo, this week James 14 and Alexander 5 took it out and gave it the update it needed.

Stenciling #thrift #diy #thriftshopprojectThe cork board was well used.  So to hide that a Greek key was added with a stencil and craft paint.

finishing chalkboard #thrift #diy #thriftshopprojectWe took out the dated picture, cut a piece of MDF {medium density fiberboard} the same size of the glass.

Alexander added chalkboard paint to his painting skills on the MDF.

stenciling corkboard #thrift #diy #thriftshopprojectWe just lightly taped the stencil to the cork board.

priming chalkboard #thrift #diy #thriftshopprojectAlexander then primed the chalkboard getting it ready to take on the chalk drawings.

painting frame #thrift #diy #thriftshopprojectThe frame was painted with a navy blue acrylic paint.  This part was a blast.

Many hands and paintbrushes everywhere.

After https://countrydesignstyle.comReady for them to take home.

ready for home https://countrydesignstyle.comA little better for for the times, don’t you think?

before after

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