Delivering Hearts Everywhere


Delivering hearts everywhere!

Remember exchanging Valentines in elementary school? Do they still? In my day we made large envelopes that we decorated. Then we hung them on our desks or on the wall. Then on Valentine’s, Day we walked around and filled them.

Delivering hearts | Country Design Style |

I remember one Valentine’s Day waiting impatiently for a Valentine from Rick. I think that was his name.

Spreading the Valentines across my desk and not a one was from Rick!

Guess that’s why I forgot his name!

Delivering Hearts Everywhere

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Delivering Hearts SQ| Country Design Style |

I hope you open my valentine to you…

and remember my name. 😕

Then spread Valentine’s hearts to your friends, family, and loved ones.

Delivering Hearts | Country Design Style | country design

This free printable can print on card stock to fit in a frame. Or if you wish following the steps to resize to download printable you can make cards.  This is the cardstock I use from Amazon.  If you wish to print on a glossy paper I love this paper.

Okay, your printable will send through the magic of the internet to your computer instantly.  My legs couldn’t handle the bike ride!  Notice no email required.  I hope you enjoy the printable and come back to see more. 

Delivering Hearts Pin | Country Design Style | country design

His name might’ve been Andy??

Delivering Hearts Main | Country Design Style |

Do elementary schools still give out cards for Valentine’s day?

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