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Recipe template for binder and cards

Sharing helps others too!

You’re with friends and the talk turns to recipes.  Here’s a lovely way to give recipes or create an ideal gift for the recipe hoarder.  The recipe template binder and recipe card solve the problem of…

Recipe binder with recipe template cards

hoarding recipes…beautifully and it’s cheap!

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I have a passion for old family recipes.  I love seeing the handwriting of my grandma On old yellow recipe cards.  Some of her recipes were and journals.  My aunt has made copies to share with other family members.

Recipe binder with recipe template cards

I created a simple clean binder with the recipe templates along with recipe templates for 3 x 5 cards.  

Since this is the principle you can print as many as you wish.  Print one for yourself, print another binder for your neighbor.  And give the gift of a stack of recipe cards tied in a pretty ribbon to your hairdresser.


The printable includes a spine to add to the binder along with a cover.  I order these 1-inch binders on Amazon.

I print the spine, cover and recipe cards on cardstock.

The recipe pages for the binder on regular copy paper. 

Recipe binder with recipe template cards

The recipe cards are aligned so that you can print on front and back. 

My printer prints on front and back and it the best printer I’ve ever had!  Bought it in 2014 and works like a charm.  If your printer doesn’t, simply flipped the paper over and refeed into the printer.


I quickly cut out my recipe cards using this paper trimmer.  Tip:  Cut the sides first, then cut across the width of the paper. 

Family Recipes binder and cards

Tell me in comments below or tag me on Instagram with your favorite recipe. 

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    1. Jessica says

      Hi there! I recently had a baby and I’m complying a binder of family favourite recipes from my family and my husband’s big traditional Italian family! We love our food! Thanks and I can’t wait to read through more of your stuff!

    2. Lisa says

      HI! Is there a way to change the wording on the front page? I was just thinking I would like to change Family Recipes to Favorite Recipes.

      • Jeanette says

        Hi, Lisa, Yes. You can add the title page to a word document. Then add a shape in white over the text you wish to remove. Adjust the shape to hide “family”. Then add a text box with the text you would like on the cover. Then print. on card stock.

    3. Lisa T says

      Does your design only fit 1″ binders? I am looking for a cover and spine for a 2″ binder. Thank you!

      • Jeanette says

        Hi Lisa, Thanks for your question. You can do two different things to get a 2? spine. Number one is to simply cut it and slide the spine printable into a 2-inch binder. The text will be a bit smaller on the binder. Or you can add the spine page to a word document and enlarge to the size you wish. I hope that helps you. Thank you for following Country Design Style.

    4. Carissa says

      This recipe printable is so cute! I’m excited to use it, but I’ve submitted my email and am not receiving it.

      • Jeanette says

        Carissa, have you checked your email? Your download will start from your click in the email. I’ll send you another email just in case there was a hiccup. Thank you for following Country Design Style.

    5. Nellisa says

      Really like your site!! And your recipe cards and binder. Its fresh clutterfree and easy to the eyes.
      Until now I have used the recipe cards that need to be handwritten (😝). And since my kids want the family recipe,… all of them in a matching binder(and typed) is a lovely gift in a basket with the ingrediënts of their favoriet dish in it! !
      Thanks for your generosity!!!

      Warm greetings from the Netherlands!

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