Printable fall leaves

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Sharing helps others too!

Printable fall leaves and bike | Country Design Style |

If you’ll feeling behind on decorating for fall, I’m here to help!

I do fall!!!

I fall down the back steps, fall over my hammer and fall for DIY! 😀

Printable fall leaves

Printable fall leaves and bike sq | Country Design Style |

Today I’m giving you a fall printable.  It’s my way to say thank you for stopping by and saying hello.

I wish I could send you a sweater pumpkin or a couple of farmhouse wooden spools.  I have scanned a piece of wood into the computer.  But until 3D printing is available to us all, I’ll have to stick with anything printable on paper.

I do enjoy drawing on the computer.  Drawing is relaxing for me.  I can add shadows and change the angle and intensity.

Printable fall leaves and bike pin 1 | Country Design Style |

Grab your “Hello Autumn” printable here.

And, did you notice you didn’t have to leave an email to get the printable? Just a click and the download starts. It’s my way to saw thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy the printable and stop back often.

Printable fall leaves and bike pin 2 | Country Design Style |

Printable fall leaves and bike | Country Design Style |

My printable is waiting for more fall decor.

Now, where did I leave that hammer?

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  1. Jeanette, I just found this adorable Fall printable in your posts and I’m in love with it! I pinned and will be printing it to hang up in a nice old rustic frame I have. I wish I had an old bicycle that I could paint and decorate for every season. Wouldn’t that be cool?! I do have the basket that goes in the handle bars. I’m part way there! Lol!

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