How to turn dollar store leaves into stunning rusty leaves

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Rusty-Leaves-How-to | Country Design Style | countrydesignstyle.comDid you follow along with the Ushering in Autumn Tour?  Living in Arizona for so many years makes Autumn…


Autumn decorating starts around our house in the middle of summer!

If you like expensive looking decor for an inexpensive price, you’re gonna love this idea.

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Rusty Leaves

Rusty Leaves for your fall decor make from inexpensive silk leaves. Country Design Style

I used dollar store fall leaves for these rusty leaves.  You can see the leaves on the autumn mantel here and on autumn’s patina here.

Here’s the video on Periscope I made showing the easy steps.


I purchase my modern masters iron paint and rust activator on Amazon.  Anything that needs the perfect amount of rust can be painted.

Furthermore, anything that needs the perfect amount of iron can be painted with the iron paint only! 😀

Rusty Leaves for your fall decor make from inexpensive silk leaves. Country Design Style

On my projects…so far…I removed the leaves from the plastic stems.  I do have plans to spend a whole dollar and get a bunch of fall leaves and actually, leave the leaves on the stems.

Rusty-Leaves-for-pinning | Country Design Style |

Would you, could you try this one over the weekend?

Here are other DIY leaf projects.  Book Page Leaves, DIY Metal Leaves, Autumn Leaf Art

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  1. Joette Talley says:

    Living in Florida we do not have a lot of “fall” leaves. I’ve bleached a lot of pine cones this fall.I’m anxious to try this!

    1. Joette, Thank you so much. I haven’t bleached pine cones yet. I’m anxious to try it. I do have a lot of pine cones. 🙂

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