How to make a beaded garland using a melon baller

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Beaded garland fp | Country Design Style | countrydesignstyle.comDo you Pinterest?

Is Pinterest now a verb?

Lately, I’ve heard several people say they, Pinterest.  And then ask if I Pinterest.  Duh!  I love Pinterest.

Duh!  I love Pinterest.

My only problem is I remember a small detail on a pin and then can never find it again.

Like this beaded garland that looks like a chunky large necklace.  Not wood beads, but either pom poms or marbles.

Beaded Garland made from Clay

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Beaded garland sq | Country Design Style |

I decided to recreate from memory the beaded garland using clay.  I wanted a heavy stone look with soft colors.

The supplies I used

Air dry clay
Melon baller
Wood skewers
Craft paint {I used a peach color with matte finish}
Chalk paint {I used a gray chalk paint}
Small paint brush
Dental floss
Large needle to fit the floss
2 small buttons

Beaded garland pin melon baller | Country Design Style |

I used the melon baller to help make the same size of clay beads.  I scooped up clay like I would ice cream.

Beaded garland clay ball | Country Design Style |

Then I rolled the clay in my palms until sorta smooth.  If you want smoother beads, add a little water to your palms.

Beaded garland clay ball with hole | Country Design Style |

I made 28 one-inch beads.  Remember the clay will shrink when dry.  Then I used a skewer to make a hole through each bead.  The hole will shrink some too.

Beaded garland clay ball colors | Country Design Style |

Let dry for 24 hours or more.  I started painting my beads at the 20-hour mark.  They did fine, but I could feel the centers needed a little more drying time.  I painted 9 in peach and 9 in gray.  The others I left white clay.

Beaded garland threading | Country Design Style |

When the paint dried {I did let the paint dry completely, did want to ruin my manicure} I strung the beads.  I started with a button wrapping the thread through the holes several times.  Then one white, one peach, one gray, one white, one peach, one gray…

I finished with the other button.

Beaded garland pin | Country Design Style |

My beaded garland is heavy and with soft matte colors.  Way too heavy to wear, but it does remind me of the Flintstones! 😀

Now I’m going to Pinterest.

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