Blooming Pine Cone Wreath

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I’m finishing this post in an adorable boutique hotel in Beverly Hills!

It’s called, The Farmer’s Daughter.

And I will be sharing photos!!

In the meantime, I’m sharing how to make a blooming pine cone wreath.

Blooming Pine Cone Wreath

Our new grandson came into the world two weeks earlier than expected.  On Tuesday morning, we tossed in clothes and hit the road to California.  Mama, daddy and baby are doing wonderful!  Since we’re not sure how long we will be gone.  I’m sharing photos and a project started before we took off. 😀


This wreath only needs two things.  A wire wreath frame and pine cones.

The idea is pine cones close when wet and open as they dry.

I started with a pile to pine cones.  Too large pine cones…but I worked it out.

Pile the pine cones into a container of water.  Note: my water contained bleach.  The bleach is optional.  Read more here about bleached pine cones if you wish to try a lighter shade of cone!

Leave the pine cones in the water until they close.  This takes just a few minutes.

Remove the cones and place between the wires of the wreath frame.


Remember, I started with too large of cones?  I had to remove the center rings of wire on the frame.  Easy to do just cut of pop off.




Then insert the bottom of the pines between the rings.  Leave a bit of space between the cones.


Leave in a dry area.  I left the wreath in the sun to dry.

Then it rained.  The pine cones started closing.  I moved the wreath to the front porch.  The sun came out…I moved the wreath.  The next day…it rained. 😕

Eventually, the pine cones dried and remained open and locked into the wires of the frame.


Then hang your blooming pine cone wreath!


I hung mine inside.  With my luck this week it would rain and the pine cones would close.  We would return home to pine cones all over the steps.

Above is the Fir Pine Cone Wreath and the four different stages of bleached pine cones.

Now, we heading out to the farmers market and playing with the baby.  😀

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