Cute pumpkin idea that almost got toilet papered!

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The pumpkin that I almost toilet papered. Not that I want to be mean. Toilet paper was what I had on hand. Until I found this on the ground…

palm petiole

Mike and I are on a road trip in the RV. I planned to make a few DIY projects on the road. While walking the aisles of Walmart I grabbed a little pumpkin.

I had huge plans for this little 97 cent pumpkin. I wasn’t quite sure what the plans were at the time, but I was gonna turn this pumpkin into a princess.

Then I forgot all my princess making stuff.

It’s like the time I forgot all the meat for our trip.

Or the time I forgot shoes. Thankfully I’m from Oklahoma!

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I did bring glue! In fact, I brought two types of glue. My favorite craft glue and my trusty glue gun. But nothing to glue to the pumpkin…hum!

Cute pumpkin idea feature

I went to bed thinking about toilet paper. Most toilet paper gets a bit hard after it’s been wet and dried. Could I shape toilet paper into a texture? A “rope” of toilet paper wrapped around the pumpkin…no.  Then I remembered RV toilet paper dissolves when it gets wet. You have to use it fast! Real fast!!

I took the pups for a walk to find inspiration.

Then I saw it…

The stuff and otis stick

A petiole {the part that attaches the leaf or frond to the tree} from a palm tree. Yes, I googled that one!

Anyway, it inspired me.

The spiney edges

And I liked the spiny edges. You will see how I used them below.

Prepare the pumpkin

Painted ugly pumpkin

First, I painted the pumpkin a dark burnt umber. That way the areas where the palm doesn’t cover you see darkest. Plus it’s the only brown paint I had on hand.

Chopping petiole

Palm branches cut up

I started breaking it apart. Cutting a palm petiole isn’t as easy as it sounds. It’s fibrous. I ended up using my wire cutters.

Then, I fired up the hot glue gun. Next, I started from the bottom of the pumpkin gluing the pieces.

At this point, I wish I’d tossed my hot glue pot in the RV.

It would’ve made the project go faster. 

Point you may give up

After 30 minutes…I had this!

To give up or not to give up

It’s at this point in projects most people would give up. The mess hits the trash and is never thought about again. Please take a moment and think of those projects you’ve given up on.

Next time you want to trash a project, think about the cute pumpkin idea. Then keep creating.

The Otis Stem


I needed a stem and little Otis came to the rescue.

As you can see, Otis likes to walk with a stick in his mouth. Actually anything in his mouth. A sock, the mail, or a rope I tied to Emily’s leash. This keeps him busy while walking and not eating everything on the ground.

Otis stick for a pumpkin stem

Otis’s stick is perfect. I did have to wrestle it outta his mouth with a promise of more sticks outside.

No toilet paper

Wood cute pumpkin idea

I’m glad the pumpkin idea worked and didn’t make the trash. In fact, it might be my favorite pumpkin.

cute pumpkin idea from a palm tree

Oh, about those spiny edges,  I cut them and glue them along the pumpkin from the stem to the bottom.

If you want to recreate this idea but there’s not a palm tree in sight, try using these cute pumpkin ideas 

  • Small pieces of wood
  • Bark pieces
  • Pieces of sticks
  • Small faux leaves
  • Faux moss

Cute Pumpkin idea

A cute pumpkin idea that so much better than toilet paper.  Now the pups need to use the toilet.  Let’s go find inspiration. 🙂

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  1. Wow I really love this! I’ve bought several little pumpkins only to leave them sitting I’n my craft closet. My mind races so fast that I forget why I bought things in the first place so I always have stashes of something. Well now, I only work with what I already have except to buy something for the project I am working on. Things are coming along but I’m missing out on so many good deals out there…lol.
    Anyway, very nicely done!

    1. Hey, Shirley, I do the same thing! Sometimes I find an item I bought, but can’t remember that “great idea” I had for the item. Then I go on tangents and make things without buying anything. Just use what I have. Thank you for visiting and I hope you come back soon. ~Jeanette

  2. Oh my gosh, glad your uncle was okay! I have to tell you, I thought about you when I saw the petiole laying on the ground. They are beautiful!

  3. Andi Cacciatore says:

    Jeanette, this is such a good post, on so many levels!! I love the creativity of using that petiole from a fallen palm frond!
    It reminded me of an event from my childhood. One of those things fell from our coconut tree when I was a kid, and hit my great Uncle Andy right on his little old bald head and gave him a concussion! My Dad sawed the big end of the petiole off the frond and my uncle took it back to Pittsburgh with him to show everybody that it’s not just the falling coconuts that are dangerous.
    The texture you created with the chunks is beautiful! It is truly a work of art. Glad you didn’t go with the TP.

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