Autumn Mantel

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My autumn mantel displaying old tools.

I love autumn!

I love old tools!

The autumn mantel is as much what not to do than what to do when displaying objects.  This was my first attempt at displaying the old tools.  Notice the black dot…It’s a nail head from the last display.  Why did I use those sticky strip thingys???

Molding standing on end isn't a good idea.

Now the nail head’s covered…but this could be dangerous!

I stood the apron {that’s the molding edge under a table} from our old coffee table up on end to hide the nail head.

On the far left is a scary pipe vise..ouch!  Next is an old hand drill.  Reminds me of my grandma’s egg beater. 🙂

add an empty frame helps

I lay down the heavy molding.  Whew!  What was I thinking???

Okay nail head, stick a frame on it.  Can’t find any artwork handy so am empty frame.  Hum…still looks lost. 🙁

The candle lamp came from Pottery Barn…I think!  I’ve had it so long I really can’t remember where I got it, but the height is perfect.

Aha!  Add another empty frame.  Perfect!

Here’s where I would love to tell you I made those frames, but I didn’t.  Simply thrift shop finds. 😀

On the far right is one of those great wood clamps and next to it a hand planner.  I bought the tools over the last couple of weeks at dear friend’s yard sales.  I have wonderful friends! 🙂

Now for the bottom of the mantel.

I cut a stencil using the silhouette then used chalk on the chalkboard of my “firebox” of my scrap wood mantel.

I’m interested in whether people say “autumn” or “fall.”  What do you say?  I said fall until I started blogging and I would type autumn so I now say “autumn.”

Then pushed up a little thrift store bench and plopped down a pumpkin covered with old book pages.

Autumn Mantel-2

Then dusted off an old crate…achoo! 

Tossed in some white pumpkins {love ’em} adding a bit of raffia to hide the cardboard box that’s propping up the pumpkins to the top of the crate.

Okay I’m happy with my autumn mantel displaying some great old tools.

Now, do you say autumn or fall?

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