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Grey-room-decor-aged-shelf | Country Design Styel |

Have you watched “The Leftovers” on HBO?

We have.  It’s disturbing.  I “think” I like it??  It’s about the leftover people after an “event” that caused a percent of the population to disappear.  We’ve watched 2 seasons and I still don’t understand.  I’m hoping it one of those shows that purposely keeps viewers in the dark.  Otherwise, I just not getting it.

What I “do” get is the leftover DIY projects.

Grey room decor using leftovers

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Grey-room-decor | Country Design Styel |

The shelf above was made using the leftovers from the Bella shelf.

Two boards, the triangle pieces and good quality wood glue was all I used.  No nails required!!

I aged the boards using the tea and vinegar technique.

Grey-room-decor-shelf-grey | Country Design Styel |

The dark wax I made a couple of weeks ago was applied to the edges and rough areas.  Then painted completely with grey chalked based paint.

Grey-room-decor-shelf-grey-waxed-clear | Country Design Styel |

Then the entire shelf was waxed using the homemade clear wax I made.

Grey-room-decor-shelf-grey-waxed-clear2 | Country Design Styel |

Above you can see the difference.

Grey-room-decor-on-mantel | Country Design Styel |

Now for more leftovers.  DIY projects in grey are added to our leftover mantel.

DIY Leftover Projects

Hamster Wheel {yes, you read that right}
Chunky Candles
Organ Mantel

Grey-room-decor-using-leftovers | Country Design Styel |

The colour for autumn decorating this year Grey! 

Grey-room-decor-leftover | Country Design Styel |

I even displayed the used leftover grey paint brush…since I didn’t clean it!!

If I could understand those leftover people like I do leftover DIY projects, I just might watch the next season. :/


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  1. Dawn Moldenhauer says:

    I think I missed the recipe for making homemade wax. Love your Ideas.

  2. Andi Cacciatore says:

    Love the shelf, and the grey color too! Pinning this one right now 🙂

  3. linda kelley says:

    Ahhh so pretty!!! Wonderful Job!!! I’m trying to remodel my kitchen…you can come over anytime and apply your wisdom.

    1. Linda, Thank you! I would love to stop by and help! Kitchen remodels are the hardest! Best of luck creating a kitchen of your dreams!

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