An Organ I Can Play!

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Details of old broken organ turned into faux mantel |

I’ve always wanted to play the piano.  In fourth grade, my best friend Wanda got to practice the piano for an hour after school.

Wanda didn’t think it was a good thing.  I thought she was lucky.  I would sit, watch and pretend.

Life happened and I still haven’t learn how to play the piano.  Maybe someday.  sigh!

In the meantime…I’ll take an old organ apart!

Organ Remade into Faux Mantel

When I see a piece of furniture in a thrift store I wonder if it could be something else in a new life.

Round dining tables make great coffee tables, chalkboards, extra large wall clocks or cut in half two demilune tables.

Old broken organ needing a makeover. |

I found an old organ during my last trip to Habitat for Humanity Restore.  It was $75.  Such a great deal….

Two old broken organs waiting for makeovers |

I bought two!!

Plus they sold them both for $100 plus $25 for delivery…that day!

Organ makeover into faux mantel with tutorial for piano keys. |

The white area are where most of the mantel pieces were turned into the faux mantel.  The back pieces were used in Mike’s potting bench.

Pieces of an old organ turning into a faux mantel. |

Here’s the mantel is starting to take shape.

Adding organ keys and molding to faux mantel |

Mike had the bright idea to use some of the keys somewhere in the design.  I’m thinking…add to the top!

Inserting PIANO or ORGAN KEYS into wood during MAKEOVER turning old ORGAN into FAUX Mantel |

Here’s how I made an insert area to place the keys.

1. Draw lines where I wanted the keys placed.  The top is 3/4 inch thick.
2. Using the Dremal Saw Max, set at 1/2 inch, I cut along the two lines.  Then cut several lines between.
3. A chisel removes most of the wood.
4. The router removes the rest for a level surface.
5. Wood glue holds the keys in place.

Pieces of an old organ turning into a faux mantel. The wood was waxed to clean and perserve |

At this point, I’m liking the sanded raw wood look.  So a light coating of soft wax is all I’m planning….for now!

Close up of faux mantel made from old organ pieces |

I added a piece of MDF in the “firebox” area painted with chalkboard paint.  This will be fun to draw a fire and other creative ideas in the future.

Organ makeover into faux mantel decorated with large metal star and vase of babies breath. The firebox area is CHALKBOARD. PIANO or ORGAN KEYS are designed into the top. |

I aged a board, added black chalk type paint, distressed heavily, then waxed for protection.  The board was added to the bottom as a base.

Rustic old wood from broken organ to make faux mantel |

This is my favorite area!

The Details of added organ pieces into a faux mantel. Organ remade into faux mantel with tutorial for inserting piano keys into top. |

Here’s a look at some of the details.

Organ remade into faux mantel with tutorial for inserting piano keys into top, chalkboard in firebox. Displayed with DIY cotton stems. |

The organ remade into a faux mantel is dressed in rustic style.  My pitcher of DIY cotton stems fit perfectly next to the keys.  More on the chalkboard in the center later. 🙂

Old organ remade into faux mantel |

I can’t play Pachelbel’s Canon in D, but I can play with the pieces and turn it into a faux mantel.

Click here to see the organ dress for Christmas.

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  1. This has me swooning Jeanette – so much character, especially with some of the keys incorporated into the design. You’re a girl after my own heart – I love staring down pieces at thrift stores until they tell me what they want to be transformed into when they grow up. So much fun! You staged and photographed the fireplace beautifully too!

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