Get off the Hamster Wheel

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I took friends and followers thrift shopping on Tuesday.

Did you go?

We headed over to my favorite thrift shop in town.  We plowed through furniture, vintage treasures, old books and rusty junk.

Treasures everywhere!  Today I’m sharing the makeover to a small treasure that cost $1!

Junk Makeover

It wasn’t until I finished the project that I realized I didn’t take a before photo.  But you can watch the dizzying video from the shopping adventure here.   Scroll down to the watch more.


I found a hamster wheel for $1.  In most cases, I would feel bad about taking apart a hamster wheel, but we don’t have a hamster.  Plus if you look closely the last hamster on that wheel must have weighed a bit too much.  It’s whoppy jawed.  That’s crooked in Oklahoma!  😀


So now for my idea to make it over.  I cut a circle from scrap wood.

The wood came from a cabinet. It’s cracked.  The square piece on the end will get used too!
If you notice the circle is larger than my pencil mark.


I used a table sander to sand the circle into a round shape.  A table sander would be my suggestion for a great tool for women woodworkers after the miter saw.  Makes sanding and shaping a breeze.

Notice little Bella is laying on the jacuzzi top.  She likes to watch.


The inside of the old cabinet was pinkish???  But the outside was many colors.  The last being black.  The sander took a couple of layers back.  But just in places…I have in mind junk makeover.

Aging wood with tea and vinegar stained even over old paint. Fun rustic DIY technique for farmhouse style. Country design Style

Next, I aged the circle with ironed vinegar and tea.



Using a Dremel tool, I cut off one bar that held the wheel to the base.


I painted the wood with white and gray chalky paint and sanded around the edges. Then attached the hamster wheel to the square piece of wood.   Now it holds burlap ribbon.

Hamster wheel turns into a wire basket and wheel holder now holds burlap ribbon. Unique DIY project. Country design Style

A broken spindle is where the wheel was.

I attached the wheel to the piece of wood.   I added the bar to the circle edge.  Now it a junk makeover using all the parts.

What do you think of my unique hamster wheel wire basket and burlap ribbon holder?

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