Pecans Trains and Acorns

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Pecans Trains and Acorns pin

When is pecan season?

I had an amazing idea and I needed pecans!

Not to eat…

pecans trains and acorns #fall #falldecor #acorns

although that sounds good too,

but to decorate the cabin for autumn.

My amazing idea started with…

wimpy acorns.

Here in the mountains of Arizona, we have scrub oak bushes.  I think that it’s really a tree.  They just don’t grow big, strong and tall like Katharine Hepburn!

What do you get from wimpy scrub oak bushes??

acorns https://countrydesignstyle.comWimpy acorns!

I want large acorns.  Then I started thinking about making acorns from….??


With a little cap, a pecan would look “acorny”!

No pecans in any stores around here yet.

Now I have a craving for pecans.  Dreaming of pecans!

Which brings me to trains.

My grandparents had loads of pecan trees on their farm.  I remember first learning to say “trick of treat” with my cousin and picking up pecans.  We drove everyone crazy calling out “trick or treat” EVERY time we picked up a pecan.

When I think of pecans, I think of the story of my mom and my uncle dreaming of a Lionel train set as youngsters.  With very little money available, they picked pecans to sell and earned enough for the trains set of their dreams!

Farm living was tough and my grandparents made their living with their hands on the farm.  This time was especially challenging and mom and my uncle gave my grandparents the money from selling the pecans to help out.

They simply went out and picked more.

I played with that same train set in my youth.

pecans trains and acorns #fall #falldecor #acorns

Finding junk

Anyway, *wiping my tear away* on to find something “pecanish” to make something “acorny.”


Isn’t it amazing the stuff in potpourri!

The flowers, the bundles of sticks, the grape looking stuff, the little-woven things…

and the pecan shaped things!!!

pecans trains and acorns #fall #falldecor #acornsSo I’m off and running to make acorny things from pecanish things.

First I hot glued flat sided beading {this you can find in sewing or larger craft stores} around the tops of the “pecans”.  Then I covered the bottoms with painters tape and spray painted the “caps” with that rubber stop leak stuff.

It only comes in black, white and clear.  But I hope after the companies start reading my posts about how I’m using it in home decor, they will not only pay me to write posts but make more colors!!!


pecans trains and acorns #fall #falldecor #acorns

I made a few with a cotton ball that I formed into a knit cap shape and hot glued on top.  Easy!

Then I used a dried flower from the potpourri, put hot glue in the middle of the flower and pushed a “pecan” into the middle.

One flower I did the same but sprayed it with that black rubber spray first so it has a black cap.

Rubber spray paint companies…

are you listening??

pecans trains and acorns #fall #falldecor #acorns

While I was working at my favorite spot inside the cabin…

the kitchen counter…

I noticed this little iron bell.  It was in my rustic junk box.

That’s a cap!

A circle of burlap also makes a cap, as well as wrapping twine around their little heads.

The finished acorns

pecans trains and acorns #fall #falldecor #acornsHere’s my collection of “pecanish acorny things.

pecans trains and acorns #fall #falldecor #acorns

That’s my story of Pecans Trains and Acorns!

Wish I had a huge oak tree to set up a train set under and eat pecans.

What a great autumn day that would be! 🙂

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  1. This post is so funny! Your “Pecanish acorny things” are too cute! We have the same kind of wimpy acorns here in south Florida too. Love your ideas!

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