Candy Dish gets DIY’ed

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Candy Dish made with light globes | Country Design Style |

The candy dish gets DIY’ed!

I’m in need of simple lately.

This is simple.

Perfect for Easter candy.


Candy Dish Gets DIYed

Light Glass Globes | Country Design Style |

I found the coolest light globes at the ReStore.  I’ve been checking out the goodies at the ReStore about once a week lately.

Ever since I found these beauties!

Top of Light Globe | Country Design Style |

These light globes are different on the top…or bottom…not sure which way they originally sat.  Usually, light globes have a larger opening with a lip and those little screws that hold the globe…unless you don’t tighten all the screws enough and it comes crashing down.

For my candy dish…this is the bottom.

Insides of Organ | Country Design Style |

I know this is an ugly picture.  It’s the inside of one of those organs.  The one that I used to make…

the garden bench
a faux mantel
Mike’s vintage lamp
pieces decorated this garden bench
a piece of wood for this heart

These little wooden dowels with a wood ring had something to do with each key of the organ.

I pulled out 3 of them and sanded and cleaned them “WELL!”

Organ piece for candy dish | Country Design Style |

Then I grabbed a leftover 2 by 4 about 20 inches long and a drill bit the same size as the organ dowel.

Light globe candy dish | Country Design Style |

Setting each globe on the 2 by4 I marked a drill hole.  Then drill a hole for the dowels.  It was perfect because the wood ring fits right inside the hole of the globe.

I painted the 2 by 4 lightly with oatmeal-colored chalk paint.

Candy Dish DIYed | Country Design Style |

Then set the globes over the dowels and added candy.  Yum!

I used this for dried or rubberized hydrangeas too.

If you would like to try this and only find regular globes below are ideas to have them sit on a leftover 2 by 4.

  1. Drill larger holes to set the globe down into.
  2. Glue wood disks on the 2 by 4 to set the globes over.
  3. If you have those cups with the screws, add wood dowels to the 2 by 4 and screw the cups in place.  Then screw the globes into the cups as you would on the light fixture.  Just screw the screws down tight! 🙂

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