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Backdrop | Country Design Style |

Backdrop and Mini Workshops along with gratitude

Country Design Keeping today is a mod podge of ramblings.

Photography backdrops don’t have to be plain.  We’re going to start mini workshops…

and I’m finding gratitude.

Gratitude replacing loss.


Photography is complicated.

I’m not complicated.  {but please don’t ask Mike} 😕

Photos for our DIY projects look better with a backdrop given my photography skills.  If you follow me you know I do my best to share real life DIY.  The messy, the mishaps and many photos of DIY in progress on my paint and stained covered workbench.  When the project is finished we all need to see the “beauty” shot.

That’s where a backdrop comes in handy. 

Idea for backdrop | Country Design Style |

I don’t mean a boring white sheet backdrop.  I mean an interesting backdrop with slight dimensions.  I found this door from a cabinet at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  It’s heavy.  It’s about 14 by 30 inches.  I filled in the holes with joint compound and painted it with white chalk paint.

Backdrop in use | Country Design Style |

Now look at how the shaggy tree pops against the white backdrop.  Without being a boring white wall…

or sheet!

Mini Workshops

All subscribers can join me each month for a Design Workshop.  If you’re not a subscriber, you can join us by clicking here.


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I’m adding even more DIY workshops.  Mini workshops on Periscope and Blab.  Make sure you’re following me there too!  The calendar for all workshops is always available on the website by clicking above in the turquoise area “EVENT CALENDAR” or along the left side.  If you see a workshop you’re interesting joining, click on it and a list of supplies, tools {and soon a photo of the project} will pop up.  Check back often because I’ll be added mini workshops often.

This is going to be a blast!


I’m finding gratitude for a love that is still there even through loss.  Gratitude for readers that bestowed support by sharing their love stories of furry family members. <3

Homer | Country Design Style |

Gratitude for a strong willed love in a older dog.  Thank you Homer.

Homer Asleep

I’ve added this photo of Homer taken yesterday.  He looks so tiny.  He weights slightly over 100 lbs.  He’s extra tall for a German Shepherd.  He has cataracts so his sight is limited.  If the doorbell ring right now he wouldn’t move, he doesn’t hear much at all.  His walking is now limited due to arthritis.  He broke his back in 2009.  You can read more about that and his other adventures here.  I made a sling to help him through recovery.  I had called the sling, “Mama Help.”  I’m back to slinging his back legs to get him up and down the 2 steps of the back porch.   When I got out the sling again 6 months ago, I said, “Mama Help” and Homer knew exactly what to do.

Will you be joining our mini workshops?

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  1. sandy Miller says:

    So sorry for your loss, pets are people with fur! Is Homer yours? he looks like a sweet heart but in desperate need of a pedicure! his toes must be sore, poor baby.

    1. Sandy, thank you. <3 Reading and writing about furry family member helps get though this trying time. Homer is ours. I've added another photo taken yesterday and a little more about him. His nails were done on Saturday. Homer doesn't walk much any more and his nails get outta hand fast. Our wonderful local vet makes house calls for him. I appreciate you reading along with me. Hugs. ~Jeanette

  2. Cyndy, you’re in my thoughts and prayers as you too move through these challenging times. Reading all the sweet stories and the journeys our furry family takes us on has been a great help. One thing I read that brought warm tears of love was, “Recognize that the love your shared with your pet is still there!” Always and forever. Hugs to you and your family. ~Jeanette

  3. I am so very sorry for your loss. Your photo of Bella reveals a family friend who was loved and pampered. I suspect she had a life filled with joy and she knew she was deeply cared for. And now she romps in fields beyond our viewing but her love of you will always be in your hearts. Two days ago we lost our Cloe to cancer, but she will never be lost in our hearts. The pain and loss will be managed with time but the difference she made in our lives will be forever.

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