DIY Cotton Wreath

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DIY tumbles.

It tumbles into another DIY.

Which tumbles into yet another DIY.

DIY inspiration tumbles into your head.

The next thing, you’re DIYing pine cones into cotton stems.  Then adding cotton stems to grapevines wreaths.  And what about those bleached pine cones??

I love DIY!

DIY Cotton Wreath

I almost bought a cotton wreath.  The price tag stopped me.  Today I’m sharing how to make a DIY cotton wreath.

I’ve also shared how to make cotton stems.  These are stunning in a vase or pitcher.

The supplies

Two Dollar Store grapevine wreaths
50 regular size cotton balls
3 medium size pine cones
Garden scissors, wire cutter or tin snips
Hot Glue gun with glue sticks


Step 1, pull the cotton ball edges out a bit and roll back up in your palms.  This takes the store bought cotton ball look out!! 🙂

Step 2, using the scissors or tool of your choice clip the scales from the pine cones.  I have found it easier to start in the middle.  Then work down to the bottom.  I left the smaller scales around the bottom.  Next work your way up to the top.  Again leaving the smaller scales around the top.

Step 3, Glue four pieces of scales in each cotton ball.  I make a + or x pattern.


Step 4, pull apart one grapevine wreath.  You will be using the broken pieces of the vine to add dimension to the wreath.


Step 5, lay one wreath on your work surface.  Start hot gluing the cotton balls placing the scales on the bottom.  Note:  most Dollar store wreath are not in great shape.  Use the cotton balls to hide any ugly areas. 🙂

Finished DIY cotton wreath


Tip:  I gather the 4 pine cone scales in one hand, then add a dollop of hot glue in the center.  Then push a piece of vine through the middle and hold for a second or two.


Step 6, glue the cotton stems around the wreath inserting between the vines.


Another tip:  Grapevine wreaths usually are made going in one direction.  Note which way your wreath is by the tips of the branches.  Add your cotton stems to continue in the same direction.


Here’s a pin for you to add to your favorite Pinterest board to refer to later.


In conclusion, the above photo is a test.  If you’re on a mobile might look odd.  The picture may cut in half.  Let me know if it’s weird.  Thanks!

I’m glad I tumbled into this DIY project. 🙂

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  1. diane brown says:

    well gal we are \Canadian and with my son who drove me down to my winter home in \Florida we stopped in \Georgia to pick some cotton so as \i could make a wreath So looking up wreaths and yours is just about what i was thinking do not know what \diy is but thanks for your video

  2. Candy Walsh says:

    Your wreath looks great and you’re right, the price tag in these things will make you quickly set it back down! lol I make some cotton stems about a month ago and just stuck them in an old vintage pitcher~I love it! You honestly can’t tell the difference, except for maybe a few glue burns!

    1. Candy, I’m so happy you made the cotton stems and love them. It hard to buy anything unless it’s something I can’t make! Thanks for reading and sharing! 😀

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