Heart Springs

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Do you ever envision something and then have to figure out how to do it?

Heart Springs was something I envisioned and I had to work on several ideas to make it work.

Heart Springs SQ

Did you know that a baby mattress has springs?

Heart Springs

I didn’t!

We bought a baby mattress to recover and make into a bed for Homer, our German Shepherd. He makes a great design assistant.

Homer on bed

Well, actually he keeps me company laying on his bed.

That’s why I finally had to redo his bed, the springs were not as springy any longer.

Okay, he might weigh more than a baby!

I had to think of something to do with all those springs!

Heart Springs Arrows

It was the small corkscrew springs that fascinated me the most.

To take the springs apart is a bit of a task.  Cutting the springs was impossible.  I thought about using a cutting disk of the drimal.  But in the end, I unwrapped the corkscrew springs from the larger springs.

Heart Springs Danger

Ah!  Do wear something old! 🙂

Heart Springs-3

I unraveled four long springs.  I love the look of these springs.  Do wish they were rusty!  I am sure that nowadays baby mattresses are made with galvanized metal that doesn’t rust.

These springs have a mind of their own.  I tried to simply shape them into a heart shape.

But they keep unspringing from my heart…

Heart Springs Spring


Heart Springs-4

I gathered the four springs and “folded” them in the middle.  I even used pliers to make a bend in the springs.  I had to mount the springs to something to keep the form.

I use this beadboard as a backdrop for photos and apparently, spring hearts!  I drilled two small holes and added a small piece of wire to hold the bottom of the heart.  Then gathered to the top ends and did the same letting the ends hang down into the heart.

Heart Springs!

Any more ideas to do with all these springs?  I have a few!!!

Heart Springs Finished

The springs would make a unique end to an old board sign. Here are a few ways to age wood.

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