Mosaic Heart Plaque

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mosaic heart plaque fp | Country Design Style |

Mosaic Heart Plaque is my project for this month’s the junk visionaries theme, “Valentines.”  At the beginning of each month, a group of DIY bloggers creates a themed project using junk!

My first thought was a valentine made from scrap papers and junk mail.

I might have done that in second grade. 😕

So I’ve been looking around the house for a week for junk…with heart.

Mosaic Heart Plaque

Junk Visionaries

Last week I stopped by our local ReStore looking for a cabinet.  I need something to hold jewelry because it’s a tangled mess.

My Thrifty Finds

Mosaic Heart Plaque | Country Design Style |
Mosaic Heart Plaque | Country Design Style |

I didn’t find the cabinet I had in mind, but I did find a couple of other things.  This beautiful vase for $2,  a garden trowel for Mike’s potting bench and a spindly chair that’s perfect for taking apart!

It totally wobbles!

The sweet volunteer started to wrap the vase.  I said, “don’t worry about wrapping it, I don’t have far to go.”  “It will be fine.”

So I placed the garden trowel handle in the vase and carefully set them in the back of the car along with the chair.

Broken vase for mosaic heart plaque | Country Design Style |

So, maybe putting the trowel inside the vase in the back of the car wasn’t a good idea! 😕

I started to toss it…

Then inspiration hit!


Old board for mosaic heart plaque | Country Design Style |

I grabbed a piece of wood from the old organ I destroyed repurposed into a mantel, lamp, chalkboard and garden bench.  This board was from the inside of the organ and had a splattering of stain from when the organ was made in the 1930s.

I have plenty of unsanded grout for making chalk paint.  It’s about time I use it for grout!

Heart Shape for mosaic heart plaque | Country Design Style |

I folded a piece of cardstock in half and drew half a heart to cut out.

Breaking vase for mosaic heart plaque | Country Design Style |

Next, I grabbed the now piece of junk vase and destroyed repurposed it starting with a hammer.

For safety, I wrapped the vase in an old cloth and started banging away…on our marble countertops!

Shards for mosaic heart plaque | Country Design Style |

Whew!  The countertop survived.  The shards from the vase!

Nippers for mosaic heart plaque | Country Design Style |

I tapped the pieces into smaller bits.  When I need to reshape a piece I used little nippers.

No grout mosaic heart plaque | Country Design Style |

As I was laying out the shards I noticed the wood underneath.  I love the old wood peeking through the creamy broken pieces. <3

So forget the grout!

My broken heart

mosaic heart plaque fp | Country Design Style |

After all the heart will just sit there.  I won’t be eating or using the heart on a table.  I grabbed the hot glue gun and started forming the heart.


Mosaic Heart Plaque pn | Country Design Style |

Done and no grout!

Notice the shadow on the top of this photo??  I didn’t until adding it to the post.  The shadow is the little bird on top of the birdcage on the right.

Finished Mosaic Heart Plaque | Country Design Style |

I have plenty of vase shards leftover for another project…

& all that grout!!

Now join me and let’s visit the other junk Valentine projects from this inspiring group.


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  1. How inspired! I love the pieces of the vase –the white color and the sweet roses. I was thinking they would be really pretty as a frame or edging for a small mirror. I, too, save shards and broken vessels in hopes of someday using them for something arty. In this case, what a good way to make a positive out of a negative!

  2. This is absolutely precious from the rose texture on the vase to the way the shards pop against the rustic piece of piano innards, lol. I love how you take us along on the story of why and how you decided to make this. Gorgeous and I would leave this one up all year round!! Pinning and sharing!!

  3. Create upcycle of a cracked vase. Next time the kids break a plate I’ll think twice before putting it in the bin !

  4. I love this! I have an old bowl in a lovely old green that was my grandmas. It got a shatter mark in the bottom which makes it unsafe to use for food. I just can’t throw it out because I keep thinking I can break it up and create something fun. You’ve got me itching to get going on it!

  5. And here I thought you cracked the vase on purpose. You truly are a junk visionary, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

  6. Jeanette, what a wonderful way to repurpose that cracked vase!! The heart looks beautiful!!! Nice save!!

  7. This is so cute Jeanette! Love this idea and great use of a cracked vase…love the roses on it and how it is so perfect for your project! pinning!

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