Vintage Styled Lamp

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I’m sharing a picture today of Mike’s homemade Christmas present.  A vintage styled lamp.

The holiday decorations are no longer displayed and I’m using black and white and pear display on the mantel.

The pear will not last long…I plan on eating it. 🙂

Any ideas for another pop of color when the pear gets in my tummy??

Vintage Styled Lamp

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Vintage styled lamp | Country Design Style |

This is the lamp I made for Mike from a piece of one of the organs I bought at the resale store.  I have no idea what this piece is but both organs had one.  The base is round with a dowel that rotates.  I glue the round base to a piece of

The base is round with a dowel that rotates.  I glue the round base to a piece of aged wood for stability.  I ordered a vintage styled lamp cord covered with cloth

Then I ordered a few items from Amazon to turn it into a lamp.

Vintage style lamp cord covered with cloth

Edison light bulb

Wire Cage Shade

The cord was simply attached to the wood and up over the top with electrical staples.  Then I added the wire cage shade.  These basic items can turn almost anything into a vintage lamp.

It was very easy to make but hard to wrap!

25 Ideas to start organizing life today | Country Design Style |

One of my most popular posts of all time is my collection of 25 ideas to organize your life today.  I have to admit, I still do not have the habit of doing all 25…yet!  The post is from a few years ago and the images I made for the post were…bad.  Above is my updated image.  What do you think?  Better??

I’m s~l~o~w~l~y working on updating bad images in old but popular posts. 🙂

Which I realize has nothing to do with Mike vintage lamp…it’s just part of this blogging world.

Country Keeping 160109 | Country Design Style |

Did you notice I said, “the Christmas decorations are no longer display??”  I haven’t put everything back in the boxes.  The guest room is covered in spindle trees, burlap, and mantel decorations.  Ugh!

Are your decorations put away?

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  1. Love the lamp!! Where did you order the cord covered with cloth ?

    1. Karen, thank you for asking and reminding me to add links into the post. I tried to add the link here on comments but apparently I’m not even allowed to add links in comments. Which is good. No spam here!!! It would be easy to turn anything into a lamp. I may order another cord and hang a light over a wood bracket. Very rustic! Thank you for visiting. Mike really likes the lamp too! 🙂

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