Organ turned Garden Bench

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When does an old pump organ turn into a garden bench?  When one ends up in our backyard.

What happens to a pump organ that is no longer an organ?

It becomes a…

Garden Bench!

A large garden with lots of storage.

Even for the pesky ladder that we never found a place to store!!


I found a great deal on an old pump organ at our local Restore Habitat for Humanity store that…

garden bench organs-country-design-style

I bought two!!

Do you see a garden bench?  

Don’t you??

The garden bench for Mike is the first of many projects from these two!

Here’s about the only picture I took making the garden bench destroying the pump organ.

Warning:  This post is not a tutorial.  It would be next to impossible to recreate this one!

I did make sure to include the sink I got at the Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market.  It was easy since we didn’t want or need to hook up water.

This piece was the decorative piece along the front of the organ.  Now it tops the “window” of the bench.  The window looks into the Tonto National Forest.

The illegal bench

Garden bench with details pulled off an old organ. Country Design Style

All the lighter pieces came from the organ.  One organ is still together…for now! 🙂  The cabinet on the left…is not an outhouse…but storage for that pesky ladder plus, shovels, rakes, hoes, and more.

Since the bench is not quite “legal” according to our homeowner’s association, we stained it the same color as our cabin.

Decorating the garden bench

The two panels on each side of the window are the side of the organ.  Yep!  It’s in pieces.  The doors are simply held closed with pieces of trim that turn to open and close.

The window shelf was the organs “plant” holder shelf.  Not sure if that’s what that shelf is for, but the other organ has a ring on its plant shelf.  I know about rings on wood and overwatering.

This piece is one of the peddles for the pump.  I turned it into a chalkboard with a “logo” I made for Mike and I.  The logo is on most everything I’ve made for our home.


I even used our logo to hide my boo-boo! 😕

The bottom area is for garden thing-a-ma-bobs.  I don’t garden….well.

The inside

The insides were sprayed with that rubber stuff that keeps screen door bottom boats afloat!  I thought that would keep these areas dry.  I’ll let you know with the next rain.

The top is that wavy metal stuff.  Not too hard to cut with Drimal max saw.


So far the neighbors like it.  Fingers crossed.

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  1. I’ve always wanted build one. I’m sure you’ll see many uses from your new bench when it comes to Summertime. There’s an old tree in my yard which I’ve always wished to have a bench that wraps around. I’m planning to pin your bench to see if I can follow your tutorial to build one to put on my trees.

  2. I love how yours out. I have always wanted to make one of these. I bet you will get so much use with your new bench come to Summertime. There is a tree in my backyard that I’ve always wanted to have a wrap-around bench. I’m going to pin yours in hopes of following your awesome tutorial one day to make one for my tree.

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