Bees and Bows Craft Videos

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What a fun week of live videos. We went from bees to bows and not a murder hornet in sight! Yech.

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I’m sharing this week’s easy DIY projects created on live video for those that learn best when watching.

Country Design Style Videos

the start of video make a bow

I can’t make a bow. But I learned how to make a messy bow. Learn how too on this video.

the start of the video

Whew! The sign came out great. It’s an easy technique if you don’t let your head get in the way. Watch how to make a bee sign.

the video on burlap edging and bees to bows craft videos

Now that the sign is done, the next day we made a burlap edge to the sign. See how here.

sharing tool box tips

The traditional toolbox doesn’t work for me. Instead, I created “my toy box,” a wood crate or tray. It holds all my most used tools within reach. Each tool has a place. See my toy box here.

I didn’t make a video for this book page project, but should I?

Let me know in comments below!!!

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