Pot painting ideas using dots

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Pot painting ideas using dots you can’t wait to try. The first time I tried this technique I made a peace sign on a flower pot.

painting closeup

The summers in Arizona are hot. One summer, mom and dad provided the four of us kids with a Sunday activity. We created woven potholders, beaded plastic fruit, and even did water testing on tap water and the water in the ditch at the playground. If I remember correctly, the water in the tap was slightly better than the ditch.  

Materials Needed for pot painting

Clay pot

Black chalk-based paint


Craft paint in a light color

Small dish or plate to hold the craft paint

Paper towels

Artist paintbrush

Talc powder

Image from a coloring book {make sure the image fits on the clay pot}

Painters tape

Large needle

Old pillow

Steps for this pot painting idea

brush on pot

Chalk-based paint and clay pots go hand in hand

  • Paint the clay pot. Paint the clay pot with black or any dark color chalk-based paint. Let dry. 
  • Pick simple image from coloring book. Cut the image for the coloring book.

Making holes and adding powder

coloring page
  • Now poke holes in the paper following the image outline. Lay the image on the old pillow and using the needle, make holes following the primary lines of the picture. Make sure the holes are large enough. We will have talc powder fall through the holes. 
  • I used sections from adult coloring books, but a whole pattern would be stunning!
holes in page
  • Lay the image on the side of the clay pot. Tip: don’t press the image down too much. If you press down, the hole tends to close back. Or, you can also lay the image backward, letting the holes from the needle stand up. Tape the image in place.
powder on coloring page
  • Lightly tap the talc powder over the image. Peek to make sure the dust is going through the holes. Plus, peek to see that most all holes are transferred by the talc. You can fill in as you add the dots.

Painting dots

dusty powder flower
  • Remove the coloring page. And don’t sneeze. 
  • The small bit of paint. Pour a small amount of craft paint in the dish. Maybe the amount in the paint lid. 
  • Dip the handle. Using the handle of the artist brush lightly dip into the craft paint. I suggest checking on the paper towel for the dot size the handle makes before applying to the clay pot. 
  • Add dots. Start adding dots over the talc dots by tapping the handle on the surface.
dusty dotted flower
  • Next, continue until all dots are covered. Fill in where needed. 
  • You will need to let the paint dry thoroughly before brushing off access powder. 
pot painting ideas done

Other ideas to use this technique

Try using more than one color of craft paint.

Add to a jar for utensils in the kitchen.

Create a piece of art for the walls by applying on canvas. 

Apply to a lampshade. Would be adorable in a little girls bedroom 

Paint dots on the drawers of a dresser

Use fabric paint to dot on a pillow

Dot on the glass to a frame, adding details to the photo in the frame

Use text as a guide to label crates

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