Valentine Morse Code Obsession in Wood Slices

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Valentines, morse code, wood slices, a free printable…

and a story of love.

Other than elementary school days, Valentines is rarely thought about at our house.  We try to celebrate our love daily.

There is an obsession with morse code for me and here’s why…

Morse Code Obsession

my dad!

My dad loved science, electricity, mathematics, and the military.  When I was in 3rd grade we made a Morse code telegraphy. We sent messages from the dining room to dad’s chair in the living room.  Actually, dad sent most of the messages that I would translate.  I had a tricky trigger finger.

Today I’m translating my morse code obsession into a wood slice DIY sign.  Plus I made a free Morse code and phonetic alphabet printable.

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Valentines Morse code obsession in wood slices | Country Design Style |

List of supplies and tools

Thrift store frame with glass removed {my frame is 8 by 10}
A piece of burlap to cover the back cardboard of the frame
Craft glue
Black permanent marker
Wood Slices {I made mine by cutting a log}
The printable download or add your own lettering and words.  {frame the printable}
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Valentines Morse code obsession in wood slices sq | Country Design Style |

Glue the burlap to the cardboard backing of the frame.  While the glue dries, arrange your wood slices.  Next, add the backing into the frame.  My frame had clips to hold the back in place.  If yours doesn’t, glue in place with hot glue.  Then start drawing or writing on the wood slices using the permanent marker.

Valentines Morse code obsession in wood slices close up | Country Design Style |

I used other patterns to fill in the blank wood slices around my morse code saying.  Remember your’s can be all drawn images or lettering and saying of your choice.

Valentines Morse code obsession in wood slices pn | Country Design Style |

To finish, just hot glue the slices in place.  Hang or lean on a shelf or mantel.

Valentines Morse code obsession in wood slices image | Country Design Style |
Valentines Morse code obsession | Country Design Style |

Just click here for your farmhouse style frameable printable.  Say that 3 times! 🙂

Do you know what my morse code sign says?

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  1. It says “I love you” . I love your story and how you made this in memory of your dad. So sweet!

    1. Thank you, Cecilia! Could you tell I was a daddy’s girl! Still am. If I was in Texas in March, I’d love to join you for tea!

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