Conversation Hearts Printable

Conversation Heart Printable FP | Country Design Style |

Are you “in a fog?”  Do you “get my drift?”  Are you sitting at a “table 4 two?”

These are a few tons of Conversation Hearts sayings.

The sweet little tasty hearts have been around since 1902!

Conversation Hearts Printable

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In celebration of Valentine’s and those hearts, I made a printable of conversation sayings.  I didn’t realize they are still made by the NECCO company. {New England Confectionery Company}

I worked for LifeSavers for years.  Through those years LifeSavers was RJ Reynolds and Nabisco.  Wm. Wrigley now makes LifeSavers.  The candy with a hole.   LifeSavers only say “LifeSavers” on them!

Conversion Hearts Printable | Country Design Style |

Here’s the full image of the conversation hearts printable.  The link to download is right here. 

Yep, no adding your email!  Just grab and go!  My hope is you return to see more DIY projects and join our DIY community when you wish.

If you need help printing or need ideas to display your printables check here for printables help.

Several readers use one 8 by 10 frame to display our current printable.  Each time we have a new printable they switch it out.  Here’s a collection of 8 by 10 farmhouse style frames. 

Conversation Heart Printable SQ | Country Design Style |
Conversation Heart Printable | Country Design Style |

I added one saying that I’m not sure was on the candy, “Sweetums.”  It’s one of my favs….reminds me of Archie comics.

What’s your favorite sweet saying?

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