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What are your DIY passions?  Do you like decorating with found items?  Are you spending weekends in fabric stores looking for that perfect pattern for living pillows?  Or if you’re like me, you’re spending afternoons digging in the broken junk pile at the restore!

My passion for spindles happened as a child hanging out on my grandparent’s old spindle bed.  It was an old black painted bed with tall spindles.  In places, the paint was worn away and the wood underneath soft from years of grandkids.  The “grandgirls” would hang on the spindles to balance on our tippy toes pretending to be ballerinas. The “grandboys” were fishing, playing in the creek or????

Spindle Collection

Collection of Spindle Projects | Country Design Style | countrydesignstyle.com

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite blogger’s spindle projects.  Grab your favorite drink and read along with me.  Later we dig through the junk for broken spindles. 🙂

Ashley from Cherished Bliss shares how you can make a farmhouse writing desk using stair spindles.  It’s not a complicated project and I love the results!

Although when you think of spindles the image of a wooden spindle pops in your head, right?  But Sarah from Sadie Seasongoods thought glass.  The glass of these thrifty candle holders makes stunning spindles for plate stands.

Spindles for Christmas

The super duper talented Marie from The Interior Frugalista shares a spindle snowflake.  I need to make one of these this year.

Liz from the LizMarieBlog created this spindle tree by nailing it to an old door.  I love that you can use any type of round spindle for this one.  If you can’t find old spindles use dowels from the lumberyard.

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Here are a few of my spindle projects, but you can find more by typing spindle in the search above.  Lots more.

Spindle collection pin | Country Design Style | countrydesignstyle.com

I have a pile of paint to put away from the painting series…ugh!

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  1. I love your blog and emails. Our styles are so similar. Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. Andi Cacciatore says:

    Thank you for these ideas! The snowflake has given me an idea to use some of the 50 crib spindles I have saved into an old ship’s wheel, and the tree on the old door (love that door!), will take care of several more. I still love your spindle Christmas tree the best! I’m slowly collecting a variety of different shaped ones to use for it. Patience, patience!!

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