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Do you worry your dog gets bored?  I go overboard looking for interactive toys Emily will love.  So, I’m sharing the best puppy toys I’ve found.

Best puppy toys in Emilys opinion | Country Design Style |

Dogs are the best nap takers in the world. But are they taking naps from boredom?

It’s hard to find toys that dogs stay interactive with. They lose interest, chew it up, or would rather play with your socks!

For fun…and I mean loads of fun…comment below & share your pets name, nickname and how you picked the name.  I did this on a Facebook dog group and everyone had a blast reading all the creative names and how they picked them.

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Emily shaggy face

Today Emily is sharing her favorite toys and games.  She’s a great DIY dog and loves to help.  There are times I need her to stay busy so the paint can dry without nose or paw prints in the paint.  

Emily’s favorite toy

This continues for up to 30 minutes or long enough for the chalk-based paint to dry.

The toy story

The talking ball

We went on a two week RV trip. The babble ball came along with us. Emily has a little bag used for small necessities….treats and toys. I went to pack the ball in her bag as I zipped up the bag the ball, said “oh, that tickles,” I found myself laughing at the ball.

At one point the ball ended up in the closet of the RV. One night during our trip I went to open the closet door and from the darkness, I hear, “I’m gonna get you,” yikes!

But please note do not take the babble ball for a long road trip. No matter where we placed the ball, it talked. But since the ball is rather quiet, we would laugh and go on about our fun.

At some point during the last few days, I realized the ball was getting tired of talking. An RV can rock and roll enough to get the ball talking even when we’re “glamping.”

Click here to grab a babble ball for your busy puppy.

As soon as we returned home I had a new ball ordered. Emily helped open it.

Emily the DIY helper

Now that I replaced her talking ball our home can return to normal.  Oh, when I got the replacement ball, I realized I could have changed the batteries.

Best puppy toys socks | Country Design Style |

Emily still loves our socks. I walked into the closet and saw her looking for socks under the laundry hamper.

More favorite puppy toys

Favorite games to play with Emily

  • Hide and seek – I hide while Mike has her stay.
  • Hide the treats – While she’s not looking I hide treats around the room for her to find.  Hint:  Count the number of treats you hide.
  • The name game – I’m trying to name her toys to get her to retrieve them.  I have trouble remembering the names. :/
  • Training game – Learning basic skills sit, down, heel, come, wait.
  • Fetch – She really good at fetch.

Remember to leave a comment and let us know your furry family member’s name and how you pick the name.  Pop back often to see all the fun names and ideas. 

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  1. Hi Jeanette I started typing a reply and it turned into a book! I will say quickly I’ll bet Emily is a Coton de Tulear (you may have mentioned at some time but if so I missed it!) I have two Coton de Tulear that I got when 9 weeks old male (was Astro by breeder) now “Pino” and Pino means small in Italian and it is actually the nickname of a dear friend of ours that we do not get to see bc of distance and we loved it …fits him well his sister (was Susie Q by breeder) cute but I picked Indira bc I love it! I couldn’t name her Emily because that was taken by my daughter who is now 29 yrs old! I love the name Emily and she was named that about 5 yrs before it became so popular! I will tell you her nicknames for fun her middle name is Michelle and most nicknames came with that Em, Emmie but more so Emmy Shell, Emmie Shell Shell girl ( shortened to Shell Shell …her Dad still calls her Shell Shell) Shelly came from a made up song I used to sing to her Lol I call her Emily or Em. I digress…. our pups will be 3 the 11th of this month..we call Indira “Dira” planned from the start I call her Deary most of the time…Pino is silly ..we call him “dumb dumb” lovingly lol I love naming animals and living on a farm we have had many 3 horses, many cats over the 19+ years inside and out, dogs, Iquano “Leo” Dalmatian “Dottie” orange cats Punkin, Brewster, and Canby, we had a one time Lucy, Ricky, Ethel and Fred….I love animals and the joy they bring us all. Oh Dira and Pino favorite toys anything they can tug at with each other! Of course anything with a squeaker Pino can dissect and surgically remove in about half hour…but still plays with them after gone…I know still long …but can’t help myself! We got two bc every time in our 35yrs of marriage that we got a dog…we got a “playmate” within 2 years so why the heck they keep the energy flowing through this big farm house and keep smiles on our faces!!

    1. Kim, I so enjoyed reading your comment or book. I could feel the love and passion you have for all your furry family. Emily is a Coton de Tulear. They are such a unique breed. The most human of any dog I’ve been around. Are you on any Coton’s Facebook groups? I’m on one with Sedona Sky. She posts often in the group. They are all so sweet. Pop back over soon. Hugs Jeanette.

      1. I just knew Emily was a Coton! They are awesome dogs …in France called the “clown” or “anti-depressant dog”. I had two dachshunds for 18 years and my male passed after a stroke and my female Bitsy, copper a “teckle” or
        rabbit dachshund never weighed more then 9 lbs in her life (and the most fierce animal on the farm afraid of no ther animal) was almost 17 yr when she passed…She had been without Frankie (a miniature silver dapple …black silver with blue eyes….named more for ol blue eyes but a hot dog too) for over a year and was very frail😢….they were never far from us…awesome snugglers and if a blanket came out they found their way under it! So I went online and took a quiz to see what kind of dog would be perfect for us at this stage in our lives .and this little cutie The Coton de Tulear popped up….I read everything I could find on them and finally found one in Nashville and I live in Delaware! So we went on vacation to Jamaica and came back stopping in Nashville to pick up our new babies up only 2 1/2lbs each….I decided about two weeks before to get the second…her .littermate and so cute. Like I said they will be 3 the 11th….yes I belong to a Facebook group simply named Coton de Tulear….they are an enthusiastic group and if you ask for advise they will share share share! 7 k+ members from all over the world…it’s a great group and I would highly suggest if you like to see lots of posts and celebrate the breed with a very engaging group! I saw you posted Emily’s video on YouTube I have to share a video i posted Christmas a year ago it got over 1K hits…looks purposely I just got lucky lol …yes another book..what can I say…I’m chatty😊🙈 kim

  2. Shannon Combs says:

    Emily is so cute. My guy’s name is Levi. He was also a rescue and pretty attached to the name, but his nickname is Bossy Boots. He is relentless when he wants something and will pester and “talk” to you until he gets it. We love him though

  3. My little girl is a rescue that was stuck with the name Ariel. The name just did not fit her at all. We renamed her named Boadicea after the “Vicar of Dibley” that was a Brit-com on PBS for a few years. I did some research and found that Boadicea (Boudicca, Celtic spelling) was a warrior Queen in 62 AD. Boadicea is much more appropriate. She is nine and a half pounds of warrior queen. A Malti-Poo by breed that is moor Poo than Malti that has stolen our heart.

    1. Hey, Ann, thank you for sharing your sweet little girl’s name. It’s such a beautiful and unique name. And please give her an extra hug from me. We had a precious multi-poo that we lost unexpectedly. My heart still hurts and aches for her.

  4. Hi, Jeanette. Love your blog. I have 3 dogs. My smallest and oldest(8) is a Yorkie named Chewy(aptly named). Then there’s Sammy, a black Lab. She is a pain in the butt! Always into everything. She will be 4 this year, along with Rocky. Rocky was rescued and is part Great Dane and Boxer. When we adopted him the shelter called him Nemo. It just didn’t fit this big dog. But the name Rocky was mentioned and he responded right away, so it stuck. I love all my dogs and would probably get another if something ever happens to one of them. It will be a rescue too

    1. Jane, thank you for giving your furry family members a loving home. Our local Humane Society is the closest to my heart with all they do. Chewy, Rocky, and Sammy all five-letter names too! Wish they could come over and play with Emily!

  5. Love your posts! I have 2 chihuahuas my older one is named Serria she was adopted out in Albuquerque, New Mexico back in 2013 she was found on the street 2 weeks before I adopted her. She had a different name at the time when I walked out of the mall where the spca adoption store was and seen the Serria Mountains and she is the same color as a dessert I give her her name to remember that special day so long ago well visiting my brother that I got one of my best puppy friends . My other chi is named Jasmine she came to live with us in 2015 after my cat and Serria’s best friend passed away. Her nickname is Jazzy and it fits her to a tee as she has this sparkle and shine personality. I love both of my pups and would be lost without either one of them!

    1. Hey, Brenda, thank you for sharing your sweet little pups names. I know those Serria Mountains well. It’s funny how a dog will grow to fit their name. Thank you for following along with me.

  6. Love Emily’s posts , thanks for sharing !
    My dog’s name is Balian for the movie Kingdom of heaven with Orlando Bloom and yes he is old as the movie, almost 13 and my cat ’s name is Petrus because of the good wine that I have never taste 😂 with 9 years old and both were rescued. Btw they don’t like toys , it’s really hard to find them gifts that are not beds, blankets and healthy treats….so thank you very much for sharing some ideas 😍

    1. Thank you, Andrea, for sharing your pets beautiful names! It’s so interesting how pet names are picked. I picked Emily because I only had a son. Never had a chance to name a girl. I’ve always loved the name. We have several nicknames for her, Emmie, Emmiline, Swiss Miss, Swissie, Missy, Missy poo and “M”. She answers to all of them. She LOVES toys and playing with other friendly dogs. Thank you for sharing. Hugs.

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