How to use a pom pom maker made with cardboard

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How to use a pom pom maker made from cardboard. And the inspiration to keep going even when your pom pom is flat and looks like a deflated balloon.

pom pom final

Pom poms are making a resurgence.  They are on top of knit caps, dangling from key chains, and I waiting to see pom pom earrings. 

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I’ve made several bad pom poms, but I finally found a way to make a perfect pom pom.  My pom pom maker is a piece of cardboard.  There are several pom pom makers on Amazon. 

This project is how to use a pom pom maker using a piece of cardboard.

Supplies for cardboard pom pom maker

The supplies

A piece of cardboard.  Mine is 4 inches by 10 inches. 
Yarn, I’m using a thick yarn.  It’s some I had leftover from this shaggy ottoman. 
Something to help draw a circle about 3 1/2 inches across. 
A small screwdriver or something to make a hole in the cardboard. 

Center yarn cardboard pom pom maker


Wrap yarn around the 4-inch side.  I counted 34 times around.

Next, cut a piece of yarn about 12 inches long.  Thread one end under the yarn on one side of the cardboard.

Center yarn on back of cardboard

Then flip the cardboard over the thread the other end under the yarn on that side.  Then slide the yarn off the cardboard.  

lose yarn knot

And tie the 12-inch yarn in a knot in the middle of the yarn loops. 

tight middle knot in yarn

Make a double knot and tie t~i~g~h~t!

yarns loops cut

Now, grab the scissors and start cutting the loops.  You will have a flat pom pom.  But not to worry…

The cardboard pom pom maker

Cut two 3 1/2 inch cardboard circles and make a mark in the center.   

Pom pom maker making do

Next, push the small screwdriver into the center hole.  The hole needs to be large enough for the yarn to thread through.  Since my yarn is thick, I used the screwdriver and made circles around the edge to enlarge. 

Pulling handles through cardboard maker

This part is important and I cut one of mine.

Now thread one end of that 12-inch piece through one circle and the other thread through the second circle. 

holding the ends of pom pom

Gather the two threads and hold in place to avoid cutting them while holding the two circles…well, like an ice cream sandwich.

The cardboard is the cookies and yarn is the ice cream.,,  

reload pom in cardboard pom pom maker

And you notice the ice cream is dripping out from between the cookies.  So, cut away the ice cream, or yarn, up to the cardboard, spinning and cutting all the way around. 

Shake shake shake

Remove the cardboard…and you notice the pom pom isn’t perfect yet.  Give the pom pom a shake and rethread the ends.  

Shake in maker

This is the “rinse and repeat” steps.  

Perfect pom pom using a piece of cardboard

Continue cutting the extra threads, removing the cardboard, giving it a shake, rethreading etc. 

How to use a pom pom maker made with cardboard

Until your pom pom maker makes a perfect round pom.  

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