March quotes printable & an idea to display them


It happened when searching for March quotes.  Have you found your DIY projects become inspired by what’s happening in your life?

March quotes set of four for each month this year free printable

I didn’t realize it until I reread the collection I picked.

Each month this year I’m sharing a collection of four themed printable quotes. Included are ideas to display your quotes. By December you will have 48 quotes and a great idea to give them as a gift, keep them for yourself or both.

For March you would think the theme would have been St.Patrick’s day, the color green or Irish quotes. All would have been a wonderful idea.

I didn’t do that.

March quotes about memories

Our family learned that my mom has Alzheimer’s. We knew here memory was failing. For several years, mom would repeat a story several times. Even if you said, “you already told me the story this morning.” She would continue the story.

What hurt my heart was us kids knew her memory was failing, but she didn’t. I can still hear her trembling voice over the phone say, “I have Alzheimer’s.”

Alzheimer’s isn’t new to our family. Most all the women on my mom’s side of the family develop it. The women on my dad’s side remain sharp as a tack.

So to honor those dealing with Alzheimer’s, the quotes for March are memory themed.

They print on one sheet with a vintage style background.  This month I cut them out into circles.  Then added a hole with a hole punch.  After adding a piece of twine, I hung them in my spring wreath. 

Memory based March quotes for printing

spring wreath. 

What is one of your favorite memories and how do you cherish it?

These are the quotes for January and February if you need to catch up.

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