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Have you dreamed of becoming an artist?.  I’m encouraging you to try, even if you’re not good at it.  I’m bold & sharing free prints of my watercolor feather!

feather printable

March is my learning month.  My year-long happiness bucket list includes simple ways to make others happy.  This is part of my learning and sharing free prints to spread happiness.

This post contains affiliate links. I may make a commission for your purchase at no extra cost to you. Think of it as a friend letting you know where I found a product I use, love or want.  Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

No time to learn something new?

I don’t have time to take classes, so I did the next best thing…I checked out Pinterest.  Pinterest was my first stop.  From there, I followed links to beginning watercolor websites.

Of course, you can click around Pinterest to find watercolor painting or bread making.  Pinterest is my favorite social media.  Which one is your fav?

My watercolors

I have to types of watercolors I learning to use. The watercolors that come in a tube and the watercolors brush pens. So far, I find using brush pens easier.  I haven’t tried the watercolors in the tin box since I was 8 years old.

feather framed

My favorite technique is to draw a basic outline image with a pencil or a light color water brush.  Then fill in with colors, blending, layering and overlapping.

Then retouching the outline again at the end.

soft watercolor

Above, I got “artistic” with my camera.  The bookends are in focus and the feather is bokeh.

Framed watercolor feather

My feather is framed in an 11 x 14 frame with an 8 x 10 mat.  The free printable of the feather is an 8 x 10 print. My frameable prints all have cut lines when necessary.

If you ever need to cut glass to fit a frame, this is my easy way to cut glass for frames…since scissors don’t work.

Watercolor printable

Click here to get your print of my first watercolor art in Andy Warhol style {that I’m sharing out in the open with the world}  I’ve filled lots of waste paper baskets with watercolor art over the years.

Oh, and notice, I didn’t ask for your email!  I’m hoping you love the art and free printable that you visit again soon.

Here are ideas to print and display printables.

What have you learned on Pinterest lately?

I now have prints of the 8 x 10 feather to purchase here. 

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