Interior decorating ideas for the way you live

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Wonder which interior decorating ideas are okay to break?  After reading years of interior decorating ideas and books, I’ve figured it out.

Interior decorating ideas for the way you live | Country Design Style |

For those that have been following me over the years, you know the answer.  My e-book, 13 Decorating Principles has been available to readers for over 3 years.

The e-book needed an update.

Here’s what I changed:

  • While the “principles” are the same, I did change the name to “ideas.”  Who wants to read a book titled principles?  I don’t!
  • The photos are the biggest change.  Clearer and brighter.
  • The writing is better.
  • I’ve included a tutorial for a mini-rearrangement.
  • Plus I’ve added a funky printable of our favorite places to shop.

The updated ebook is in the reader’s printable library.

13 Interior Decorating Ideas image | Country Design Style |

If you’re new you can grab your instant download below.

Here are a few reviews of the book.

  • Excellent! Simple and easy to read and it all made sense. Well done.  Sandra C.
  • Not your basic decorating list of do’s and don’ts. I expected to see a bunch of tips I’d heard a million times, but these principles are original and just plain good advice. I recently put together a giant 7ft x 12ft collage wall just using items I loved and had collected over time, and what do you know, they all coordinated beautifully. So I especially agree with tip #1. I live by tip #3 as well, since I don’t like things to look cluttered. Great reminders for adding your own style to your home and making it look good.  Jenifer M.
  • I love it, it is pretty simple and understandable, it’s a back to basics when our brains are so full of Pinterest ideas that we can’t see clear enough what we really need to achieve ” our very own style”.  Andrea G.

Decorate for you


I work hard to make myself available to readers the help them decorate their homes.  If I lived closer, I’d help paint! :)</p

Which interior decorating ideas or rules do you like to break?


13 Interior Decorating Ideas image pn | Country Design Style |

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  1. Kimberley says:

    Great Janet, thanks for your lovely ideas and clear website.
    It’s a pity some nice things i can’t buy (or ship to, cause of the extra tax and costs) here and have to find alternatives.
    Looking forward to your next newsletter 🙂

    1. Thank you, Kimberley, for visiting me on the website. I bet it’s hard to see things that are not available in your area. I have readers that have trouble finding supplies for DIY projects too. Reach out to me with any questions. I’m here to help.

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