You will not fail with these easy spring wreath ideas

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These easy spring wreath ideas will help you make a creation your neighbors will be envious of.

Spring wreath ideas closeup

You’ve spent the last hour poking stems between dried vines. Tucking and wrapping fake leaves and stems between the vines of a grapevine wreath. Your fingerprints are burnt off with hot glue and you’re still not happy with your creation.

After years of making wreaths that look “okay,” I decided to gather some wreath making tips. I read library books, gathered tips online and ask mom. She worked at a memorial wreath factory during the time daddy was in Vietnam.

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Supplies for spring wreath ideas

All the supplies for the wreath came from our local dollar store.

Last week, I made a wreath using the same sprays of a flower. This one uses several types of flowers that are all soft and fuzzy. I liked the soft look of the finished wreath.

spring wreath ideas starting with the pieces of florals

This is what I learned

There are as many ways to make a wreath as there are ideas for wreaths!

So today, I’m sharing with you how I decorate a grapevine wreath.

Cut florals into smaller pieces and bunches for this spring wreath idea

Chop your flowers

Cut stems down or even pull stems apart. This took me awhile to learn. I kept pieces too long then spend time trying to tuck or jam fake leaves and plastic stems between the vines. Now I cut my stems down to 4 inches or less. This keeps the elements closer to the wreath.

Cut all your stems and floral pieces first

Cut and make piles of the different sizes of pieces for your wreath.  This wreath had pieces two, three and four inches long.  You may also group by color too.

Hot glue and saving fingerprints

A hot glue pot is a great investment if you plan to make several wreaths. This is the one I use.

Note: I didn’t use the hot pot since I created this on the step of our RV during a road trip.

Use silicone fingertips to save your fingerprints. A rubber silicone spatula is handy too.

Spring wreath ideas for making your own

Know where you’re going with the stem

Before adding or dipping into the glue, know where you want the piece to go and which direction you want the stem to lay.  Then use a good amount of hot glue on the stems.

Hot glue or floral wire?

Use a hot glue gun “if” you plan on keeping your wreath intact for years to come. Use floral wire if you want to redo your wreath for the seasons. It’s easier to clip wire than to remove a glob of hot glue.

Spring wreath ideas closeup

Add extra elements with wire

I decide to make this wreath when I saw the softness of these fuzzy stems in the dollar store. I chose to not add a bow or any other elements. But if I did add something I would have used floral wire.

A hot tip for protecting your work surface from hot glue

Spring wreath idea for protecting table from hot glue

I found a shower mat to use while crafting in the RV.  This is hot glue on the mat after creating the wreath.

Using a shower mat to protect table from hot glue
Spring Wreath Ideas | Country Design Style |

This is the mat after brushing away the hot glue.  Can’t wait to see how it works with paint.

Spring wreath ideas closeup

Now that you know a bit more about making wreaths, are you ready to give it a try?

P.S.  My mom used floral picks when making memorial wreaths.  Floral picks are extra large toothpick looking pieces with wire to wrap around the florals.  So far, I’ve only made one wreath using floral picks.

When we return home I can’t wait to hang the wreath because right now I have cobwebs hanging there now!!

What’s hanging on your front door right now?  Let me know in comments below.

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  1. yes ! Ready for spring! Wreaths can certainly welcome us back home.

  2. I haven’t made a wealth in years! Yours is gorgeous, love the colors! If I ever get the time I want to make one, you’ve given me the bug 😄 of course by that time I’ll be putting spring colors up during fall !! Yep, late has become my middle name as of late. I remember how friends and family used to say how do you keep up with everything. You’re never late and always remember birthdays, events, special days, etc. I think I used it all up when I was younger. So embarrassed how far behind I am with life now 😣

    As far as what’s on my door (I just got a few Easter Decorations up ) I have a handpained floral metal bucket ( garage sale ) that’s filled with spring flower from the dollar store and a couple of embellished eggs on picks with a pretty floral spring bow. I host Easter each year and usually have the house immaculate, gardens ready and decorations galore……this year…ummmphhh. So far behind. Never made it to spring cleaning, only a few decorations, it’s been raining so weeds will look like they will be the center of attention!

    Fingers crossed I remember to turn on the oven for the ham! Oh yeh, been there done that 😕
    Wishing you and yours a Happy Easter 🐰🐇🐤🐣
    Btw, so jealous your on a get away 😉😉

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