Printing on Watercolor Paper


Wonder what happens if you print on watercolor paper?  Look like watercolor?  Will the ink puddle in the dips in the paper?  I tried it and this is my results. 

Printing on watercolor paper

I made my first adult watercolor a couple of weeks ago.  A feather, because it’s easy.  What surprised me was how relaxing watercolor painting is for me.  I was melting in a pool of water on my paper.  

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I’ve now used two types of watercolor paper.  This paper I used for the feather.

This is the paper I bought for printing.  It’s a brighter white paper and I plan to use it for future painting and prints.  

But I’m also interested in the 100% cotton paper.  If you have any knowledge on watercolors or paper, please let me know in comments below.  


Watercolor print on regular copy paper

feather on copy paper

This is the feather printed on regular copy paper.  Notice the darkness.  The copy paper is white, but with thinner paper, the print is darker. 

Watercolor print on watercolor paper

feather on white watercolor paper

Here’s the feather printed on bright white watercolor paper.  The print is brighter and I like it more.  Plus the details on the paper add to the watercolor.  It gives it a watercolor look.  

feather prints side by side

This is the two side by side.

Regular print on watercolor paper


Tree printed on watercolor paper

Now, I tried a couple of my favorite printables.  The little pine tree on watercolor paper looks like a watercolor print.  

White Flowers Print

Flowers printing on watercolor paper

Even the white farmhouse flowers have a richer look and feel on the textural paper.  If you need ideas to print and display printables check these ideas here. 

So, after doing several prints, I suggest trying your own watercolor paper printing.  You’ll love the look. 

And the ink didn’t pool into the dips of the paper. 

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