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Are you ready to give into the farmhouse craze?  Need help getting started?  Looking for simple ideas to get cozy farm comfort?  And how does that shiny lamp from mom fit in the style?

I’m tossing simple ideas in to get a start.

Farmhouse Style | Get the Look

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Farmhouse Style Get the Look pig pillow | Country Design Style |

Grab pillows with a farmhouse look.  Farm animals are a definite farm statement.  But soft linen or scruffy burlap pillows work too.  We bought several farmhouse style pillows on Amazon and l~o~v~e them.

Wood Vase

Farmhouse Style Get the Look Wood Vase | Country Design Style |

Adding any type of wood to a room as warmth in any style.  Look around your room for anything wood.  If you can see anything wood add a vase, wood frame or wood candle holders.  Check local thrift shops for wood items too.

Twine and Spools

Farmhouse Style Spools DIY main 1 | Country Design Style |

Use twine everywhere.  Tie back curtains, hang a wood frame picture and thread the mail key as some of the ways I’m using twine in our home.  There are about 78 more ways.  Can I just say, I love twine.  If you’re a DIYer I made extra large spools for twine.  If you’re not a DIYer here’s some ready made large spools.

Crates and wood boxes

Farmhouse Style Get the Look Crate | Country Design Style |

Hey, anything not “farmhouse” like theshiny lamp from your mom can hide in a crate.  Wood boxes and crates not only organize and hide stuff but make farmhouse style side table and ottomans.

If the lamp won’t fit in the crate, try this craft room organization idea.


Farmhouse Style Get the Look windmill kit | Country Design Style |

My favorite a windmill.  Add a windmill inside or even a piece of a windmill.  There’s no denying the room is not farmhouse style.

This windmill is a kit Mike bought as a gift for me way before the farmhouse craze.

Farmhouse Style Get the Look | Country Design Style |

Need more ideas?  Click here to see the latest at Magnolia Market.

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Now while I get cozy please ask any question in comments below.

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