Getting Creative at Home Recap

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First those following the Getting Creative at Home Blog Tour and waiting for my getting creative at home recap, I apologize to being so late getting the recap post up today.

I had a meeting with our little Humane Society {that could} this morning.  We are planning a few fund raising and entertaining events over the next few months.  There is even planning a DIY event at the Humane Society Thrift Shop in the works.  There will be more on the events in the very near future.  So stay tuned.

Then I returned home to glorious news.

We have been dog sitting the sweetest 7 lb multipoo for the past 4 months and totally, completely and downright fell in love with her.

The news??

We get to keep her!

Homer and Bella

So meet Bella!  The newest member of our family sitting with Homer our beautiful German Shepherd.

They get along perfectly:)

Getting Creative at Home

Now I will quit with the proud mama stuff and get on with the Getting Creative at Home Recap.

Please sit back and click away to get ready to be inspire by all these creative ladies.  Remember to leave comments and share anything that sparks.

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I would like to think again all the creative ladies on the getting creative at home blog tour for sharing their astounding projects and allowing me to join.

Now aren’t Homer and Bella the cutest!!!

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  1. I’m so jealous! What cute duo and an adorable new family member! I’m very interested in animal charities so if there’s any way others can help your fundraiser give a shout! Thanks for the recap- (I didn’t get mine %100 done either)

    1. Christina, Thank you! I’m still getting a rough outline on the event to go over with Miriam at Hometalk and our Humane Society director. I will definitely give a shout!!


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