Industrial Farmhouse Living Room

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Is your living room ready to grace the covers of your favorite magazine?  Ours isn’t either.  Our industrial farmhouse living room is perfect for us. 


Mirror, mirror leaning against the wall, “who has the finest living room of all?”

The one with pristine painted furniture.

Perfect pillows fluffed and untouched.

Florals arranged to perfection without a faded leaf or blemished petal.

Metal side tables that sit on the floor.

Throws folded in just the right manner to cascade over the back of the sofa.

The living room that would grace the covers of the latest home magazine.

Is it the one you show in your reflection?


But your reflection is perfect for us. 🙂

Our Industrial Farmhouse Living Room

Today I’m sharing our new living room with the new furniture.  I always wanted a tufted leather sofa.  You know, the ones you see in the movies.  They’ve been around for years. {fingers crossed}  They will remain popular for years to come.


Dueling sofas & chairs


because we bought two!

Mike calls them “dueling sofas.”


We also purchased two chairs.  One for Mike and one for me!  Can you guess which one is mine??  The shabby ottoman is perfect height and adds tons of texture in the room.

The tables

Do you remember the Friends TV show?  I love the tray table in Monica’s apartment.  So, when I found this tray table in a discount furniture store for $140 I grabbed it.  It’s been painstakingly painted a couple of times.  I’m thrilled the current color fits!!!!


After eleven years we needed a new rug too.  This one is lighter and larger than our old rug.  I think it goes with the industrial coffee table I made.

If I was a better photographer these photos might make a magazine cover…

but that’s not how we live.

The huge mirror


Our mirror that leans against the wall reflects our comfortable life.

Small touches


I adore grocery store flowers that are casual in their arrangement.  Petals with a bit of patina.  A fallen leaf on the table top.


Pillows you can punch up and stuff behind your back.  Sleep on and yes, even drool on.  Hey, it happens. 😀


The throws are twin blankets.  We keep a cool home and throws either cover your feet or your shoulders.


The TV looks like it’s still in the crate.  I made this in 2 hours.  The crate is a top and two sides.  Aged with tea and vinegar. Afterward, dry brushed with dark brown paint.


It’s important for this metal side table to sit on the hearth instead of the floor.  It holds photos that are dear to us.  When the sunlight hits the fireplace rock the flowers in the photo on top glow.


Hydrangeas displayed with old rusty drill bits is normal.


As well as a favorite clock that’s numbers are a bit crooked making time unimportant.

Industrial farmhouse living room mantel

Our entrance is on the far right.  The stone farmhouse wrapped around to the powder room behind the mantel. 


This reflection shows a casual comfortable loving life.  Our industrial farmhouse living room that’s in a cabin!!


Please stop by anytime.  There’s plenty of room on the sofas! 🙂

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  1. I love the rug, where did you get it? Your table is to die for and the shaggy ottoman is so cool.

  2. Well done!! Where did you find those chairs – I’ve been looking for some high backed chairs but all I’ve found are out of my price range. Any suggestions?

    Love your ideas!!

    1. Linda, we bought all the furniture at a store called Living Spaces. I just checked for you. They are only in Arizona and California and only deliver furniture even online to AZ and CA. 🙁 I bought the rug on Amazon for under $200 and it’s a 9 by 12. Since we live in a small community, I buy many things on Amazon and love it. I also like shopping Cost Plus world market and Hobby Lobby for smaller furniture items. Hope that helps. 🙂

      1. Thanks, Jeanette. I wonder if there is a name, style, or manufacturer anywhere on those chairs? Maybe I could find them online or at another store with that info. Surely more than AZ or CA stores carry them – if you find anything, let me know. And thank you so much for all your shopping tips. I LOVE Amazon – live there, lol. I’m about 100 miles away from a Hobby Lobby or Cost Plus sadly. I live 45 miles from a Walmart – way rural here in Central Texas, but it is the beautiful Hill Country.

        1. LInda, I just now looked under at the tags. The one on the left says it’s Z Gallerie. I looked on their website but didn’t find the chair. The chair on the right was imported through Four Hands. Again didn’t see the chair on their website. I’m adding links to the chairs that might help you find them.

          Well, there’s only one chair on living spaces now! That happens to me a lot!
          We also live about 100 miles from a Hobby Lobby or Cost Plus. But we have a walmart. 😕 Central Texas is beautiful!!!

  3. linda kelley says:

    okay….I missed it somewhere…..but I love that shaggy ottoman!!! Wow! My eyes were sooo drawn to it! Did you make it? I want one..or two.
    Beautiful room Jeanette!!!

  4. I could move into this space and never look back. I dearly love it. I don’t ever express anything that strongly. I would kill (maybe not!) for just one of the tuxedo sofas!! Well, since moving in is not an option, would you just share what the heck you used to cover that adorable little ottoman?! I wouldn’t think of stealing, I mean borrowing the look!!! Keep up the great work. I swear, I just love your place!

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