Autumn Leaf Art

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Autumn Leaf art fp | Country Design Style |

I’m not sure how I developed the idea for this.  I keep all the teensy-weensy pieces of scrap trim and broken wood bits.  Even the pieces that get swept up in the dustpan.

I wanted to make an autumn piece to hang.  So I created this.

Autumn leaf art

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Paper to draw a leaf or a silhouette to draw and cut a leaf shape.

Scissors and pencil {if you don’t have a silhouette}

1/4 inch MDF {medium density fiberboard}

Quality wood glue

Frame {mine is 10 by 14}

Paint and paintbrush

Briwax, although, now I’ve made my own homemade wax and would use it instead.

Autumn Leaf Art Country Design Style

The steps

Actually, I wanted a large maple leaf in a frame…very large leaf. We have a beautiful maple tree but the leaves are not that large. I found a leaf to cut out on the Silhouette expanding it to 12 inches by 10 inches. I transferred the pattern to a scrap piece of 1/4 inch MDF that fits into a thrift store frame. You will notice I didn’t follow the lines. The cut out seemed youthful and I wanted a grown-up version.

Autumn Leaf Art Country Design Style

Using the jigsaw, I cut out the maple leaf.

Autumn Leaf Art Country Design Style

Using another piece of MDF, I traced the leaf on to it and then covered the area with scrap wood.  I love using this technique, it’s like doing a jigsaw puzzle and really cutting the pieces to fit!

Autumn Leaf Art Country Design Style

The scrap wood pieces got a coat of paint using the color scheme of gray, rusty brown and soft almost black. Then glued in place with Elmer’s wood glue, my favorite because my grandpa’s name was Elmer, and because it works;)  The leaf cut out was painted with a soft grayish white.

Autumn Leaf Art Country Design Style

I plan to stack the two pieces of MDF together like a sandwich, but a level sandwich. To do this I glued four scrap pieces to each corner.

Autumn Leaf Art Country Design Style

The frame got a rub of Briwax Tudor Brown.

Autumn Leaf Art Country Design Style 14

I used a touch of glue in each corner to hold my sandwiched autumn leaf art in the frame.

Autumn leaf art pin | Country Design Style |

This could be made with any small bits of scraps for any type of craft.  Scrapbook, sewing, knitting yarns.  Got any more ideas?

Here are more DIY leaf projects:  Book Page Leaves, DIY Metal Leaves, Rusty Leaves

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  1. You are SO inspirational, I very much enjoy your videos. You make everything sound possible even to a cackhanded old woman like me!! I think all the autumn ideas are my favourites – somehow I feel drawn to that time of year. Thank you so much for your ideas – please don’t stop!

    1. Yvonne, thank you so much for your sweet comment. I have to tell you. Last year I looked for the leaf and couldn’t find it anywhere. I finally gave up and figured I donated it. Just last month I found it. It was with a stack of frames I thought were empty waiting for projects. I’ve been meaning to update this post with better photos and now I can. Someday! But I’m not stopping! ~Jeanette

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