Sweater Pumpkin in 5 Minutes

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There are times when I think autumn is so fantastic because you can wear sweaters.

Everyone should have a favorite warm soft cable knit sweater in white that goes with everything.

Including a pumpkin.  A pumpkin needs a sweater, right?

Or how about making a pumpkin from your favorite warm soft cable knit sweater in white that goes with everything!

Better yet, use a thrift store warm soft cable knit sweater in white that goes with everything!

Plus get it done in 5 minutes!

Sweater Pumpkin

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Your choice, either watch the “speedy” video, read the tutorial or both!

Make the sweater pumpkin in 5 minutes. Minute by minute tutorial on the website! Warm up your pumpkin Country Design Style www.countrydesignstyle.com

I first share the sweater pumpkin in yesterday’s Fall Vignette – Home for Fall post.

Now I’m sharing how to make it in 5 minutes.


Here is the supply list

Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Silicone rubber spatula {Yep, see hot glue gun tips here}
Poly Stuffing or a bunch of plastic shopping bags {that’s what I used}
Stick or pumpkin stem from another pumpkin
warm soft cable knit sweater in white that goes with everything!

As you can see above I only used the sleeve.  You can make two pumpkins in 10 minutes! 🙂



First Minute

Starting heating the glue gun
Turn the sleeve wrong side out
Tie a knot at the bottom of the sleeve
Cut out the arm {I cut into the “vest” part to keep the sweater from unraveling}


Second Minute

Turn the sleeve back right side
Place the knot on the bottom of your work surface
Pull the sleeve up making a bowl shape

Third Minute

Fill the pumpkin with fill or shopping bags
I like short fat pumpkins so I push the bags down to shape into a pumpkin, short and fat!


Fourth Minute

Fold over the sweater sleeve edges back to the underarm area
Add hot glue to seal the pumpkin closed pressing down with the silicone rubber spatula


Fifth Minute

Add hot glue to your stick or pumpkin stem and press into the top




Are sweater vests in style??

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  1. Katie Walling says:

    I have been wanting to make one for a long time now but thought it would be hard to make you have just showed how easy it is to make. I wonder if you could make it that way with other marital ?

    1. Hi Katie, yes you can make a pumpkin with other materials. But the best and easiest are made with stretchy material. Thanks for visiting.

    1. Thanks Marie, as soon as I have another 5 minutes to spare I’m making another with the other sleeve!

  2. So cute! I’ve wanted to try this, didn’t think it would be so easy!

  3. I’m inspired. Have just the sweater so going to make one right now- blow the washing!
    Who’s to say you can’t make a pumpkin in spring. I’m the other end of the world hence a different season.

  4. Andi Cacciatore says:

    Jeanette, this pumpkin looks so cozy and soft! Feels like cold weather is coming any minute! Love that it took 5 minutes!

    1. Thank you Andi! I realized in the middle of the night that you could also slip a fake pumpkin inside for stuffing.

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