Conquer the Sweat with these Farmhouse Style Coasters

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Does your house have too much sweat? You grab a cool drink of water. Then notice the front of your shirt is soaked with glass sweat. I found a solution for this in easy to make farmhouse style coasters.

Farmhouse Style Coasters

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Farmhouse style coasters Sweat | Country Design Style |

Normally in Arizona, it’s not humid but we’re having massive over the top rain and humidity. That’s causing extra puddles on our perfectly painted furniture. Wink wink!

The Supplies

Farmhouse style coasters supplies | Country Design Style |

2 – 5-inch clay saucers for flowers pots
Scrap piece of burlap
Mod Podge
Small paint brush
Chalk-based paint {I used homemade chalk type paint made on Monday}
Permanent marker
Paper towel

Painting with homemade chalk based paint

Farmhouse style coasters homemade chalk based paint plaster | Country Design Style |

Have you ever painted a clay flower pot? If not stop reading this post and go paint a flower pot!!  The clay takes any type of paint beautifully. And especially chalk based paint.  The homemade one I used was made with plaster and tinted gray.

Farmhouse style coasters bottoms | Country Design Style |

To keep the coasters from scratching our fine furniture. That’s a joke. I cut s circle of burlap and glued on the bottom. Cutting a circle from burlap makes a raggedy circle.

Farmhouse style coasters bottoms glued | Country Design Style |

So, I trimmed around the edge after gluing with mod podge.

Farmhouse style coasters papertowel trick | Country Design Style |

Now for my paper towel trick. Place a paper towel in the bottom of the saucer. Hold it in place and using a pencil draw around the bottom edge. Now use the paper towel as a template to cut out a burlap circle that fits the bottom.

Farmhouse style coasters needed something more | Country Design Style |

That looks boring!!!

How can I beef this up??

So let’s get messy!

Farmhouse style coasters scrap burlap | Country Design Style |

The piece of burlap I’m using is on its last unraveling. Put it this way, it’s seen a lot of DIY projects. So I cut up small random pieces. Then arranged the pieces on the bottom with the frayed and raggedy areas over the edge of the saucer. More Mod Podge holds the pieces in place.

Farmhouse style coasters messy | Country Design Style |

Then I glued the “boring” circle to the bottom. It still needs something…

Farmhouse style coasters logo | Country Design Style |

Our logo!  Almost twenty years ago I created our logo on a mirror.  Since that time our logo shows up on most DIY projects.

Farmhouse style coasters pin1 | Country Design Style |

I used a permanent marker and made our logo free hand.

Farmhouse style coasters sq | Country Design Style |

You could add initials for each family member, or a simple drawing that relates to them.  Just keep it basic.  Burlap is a rough texture for fine details.

Farmhouse style coasters pin2 | Country Design Style |

Plus your details will be covered in sweat anyway, right?

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Now to get paint off the front of my shirt.

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  1. Andi Cacciatore says:

    I’m a big fan of coasters and love this idea! The little saucers I bought for my African violet pots were too shallow, but they are exactly like the ones you’ve used! Now to find my turquoise burlap – perfect with white chalk paint for my beach themed room!
    Paint on your shirt is in style now, don’t worry about it 😉

    1. Andi, if you make so coasters in your beachy theme I hope you send me photos! I always try to show readers how they can take an idea and make it their own. Recreate it in their style. Thank you for reading along. Jeanette

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