Falling Leaves

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Would you dream of hot gluing leaves on your glass front door or windows?  After reading this you’ll be firing up the glue gun and make falling leaves down your glass.

dollar store leaves https://countrydesignstyle.com #autumn #fall #leaves

The inspiration for Falling Leaves

Need a quick autumn idea for your glass door?  Keep it simple, and glue silk leaves as if they are falling leaves down the glass.

Inspired by the cover of House Beautiful magazine…well here it is!

House Beautiful cover

Wow!  Makes me wonder what it would look like to glue the leaves on an inside wall!  Would the dust collect?  Too much for our cabin?  How would I stick the leaves without damaging the walls, or our new paint?

Too many questions, I’ll stick to the front door.

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Shop for supplies

I bought a bag of leaves at the dollar store for guess what, a dollar!

This is my favorite hot glue gun and it comes with sticks

This step ladder is handy and I couldn’t reach the top of the door without it. Plus, several other things around the house. 

I use this squeegee and mop head to clean all our door glass and windows.


Cleaning the glass

FallingLeaves 1

First, clean the door.

Can you tell we have dogs?

FallingLeaves 2

I recommend learning to use a squeegee. Cleaning windows is easy. This is how I clean our glass front door, two large mirrors, and our bathroom mirror in a few minutes. 

Especially if you own a dog.

Gluing the falling leaves

FallingLeaves 3

I glued the leaves to the glass with a hot glue gun starting in the top corner.  At this point, I’m wondering, “Does hot glue come off the glass!”

Maybe I should have tested this first on something besides our front door! 🤷‍♀️

FallingLeaves 5

I placed the top leaves close together and spread them out as I went down the door. I’m pretending the leaves are falling from a basket at the top of the door. 

The leaves at the top are closer together than those down the bottom of the door. 

FallingLeaves 4

The hot glue will hold the leaves securely, but thankfully, the glue will pick off easy when it’s time to rake up the leaves.

Would you dare to stick a bunch of flowers on your wall or a bushel of leaves?

Next time, I’ll do rusty leaves! 

dollar store leaves https://countrydesignstyle.com #autumn #fall #leaves

Update: This is an older post, but the pin below soars on Pinterest every fall for the last six years!

dollar store leaves https://countrydesignstyle.com #autumn #fall #leaves

Plus, Shutterfly featured this photo!!  Click here to check it out!  

My photography skills improved over the years. But I still can’t get a great picture of the leaves with the reflection on the door. 

These leaves look fantastic from the inside too!

If you don’t have a glass door, this looks incredible on the windows and sliding door too! 

Let me know if you try this idea in comments below or tag me @countrydesignstyle on Instagram. 


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