Dramatic Fall idea using Decorative Leaves

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Here’s a unique idea to use decorative leaves in your fall decor.  A quick and dramatic fall idea that’s inexpensive too.

What do you do with a box of fake leaves

What do you do with a box of mismatched decorative leaves?

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Decorative leaves Fake falling leaves

Got fake leaves and need an idea for fast decorating.  One that’s better than slowing dumping a basket of decorative leaves over your fireplace?

Falling leaves on the mantel

But gives you the look of dumping leaves over your fireplace?

Falling leaves over the mantel

Grab your box of mismatched leaves and tape or better use decorators putty to attach leaves over a wall.

I started out using painters tape, but after chasing leaves around that “really” fell, I grabbed the decorators putty.

Falling leaves over the painting

Do a test on your walls in a hidden area before using the decorators putty.  Some may leave a mark.  This one works great on our paint.  But do a test first.

falling leaves

This isn’t the first time I created a fall project using decorative leaves that fall.

Yes, I hot glued leaves to our glass front door.  Thankfully the hot glue does pop right off the glass.  Whew!

Falling leaves decor

Readers asked how to get the look of the leaves falling from a basket.  Start on one side.  Attach leaves closer together on that side.  Then start down the side, spreading the leaves out to the other side.  Space the leaves farther apart as you go down.

The art is my grandparent’s farmhouse in Oklahoma.  I made the frame using a 2 by 4.  That faux fireplace I made using scrap wood and I love it still.

Now if I could create a project using mismatched socks!

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