White Pumpkin Decor

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I’m having a massive issue with Santa! He’s invading fall. It was bad enough he walks into our Thanksgiving dinner. Now two days into fall and everything turned red, green, and jingle bells. I want autumn! If you do too, you will appreciate this little white pumpkin decor. 

white pumpkin on autumn leaves

As a blogger, I should create and inspire at least a month in advance. So, I figure I have a couple of weeks still to make fall decor.

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dryer ball with twine, glue and long needle.

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  • Four feet of twine for each pumpkin
  • Tacky craft glue


twine through wool dryer ball
  • Prepare the needle. Make a knot at one end of the twine and thread the other end onto the needle. 
  • Push the needle through the dryer ball. Carefully push the threaded needle through the middle of the dryer ball. I used the surface of my worktable to push down. But it wasn’t too hard to push through.   
  • Pull tight. Pull the twine hard, so the pumpkin starts forming a dent in the top. 
Long needle sticking into white dryer ball
  • Repeat at the knot. Next to the knot, push the needle through again. The twine tightens along the side of the dryer ball. 
Twine around one side of ball
  • Again pull tight. Now when you pull tight, the twine pulls in to form a groove along the side.
white pumpkin without stem
  • Repeat six or seven more times. Continue pushing through the same end, then pulling tight at the other end. Make sure to space the twine around the pumpkin dryer ball.
pumpkin knotted at top
  • Make a twine stem. When you finish, make a stem using the few inches leftover. I had about seven inches of twine left.   


glue in circle around twine
  • Make a small circle of glue. Using the glue nozzle, make a circle about the size of a dime on the top. Lay the twine nearest to the pumpkin into the circle. 
  • Layer glue and twine. Make another circle of glue and apply the twine. When you have two inches of twine left, make the flat top of the stem.

The stem is made like the toilet paper pumpkins. I have made other types of stems using twine, like this stem using Mod Podge.

finished pumpkin on fall feaves
  • Fill in the center of the twine circle with glue. Swirl the twine in the glue. Make it like a cinnamon roll! Yum!
  • Let dry. 

This little pumpkin is similar to the felted pumpkin but easier to make.


pumpkin with dryer ball text
  • This is a sweet idea for Thanksgiving or any fall event place cards. Just add a little leaf with each guest’s name on the top.
  • Next, add a couple of drops of your favorite scent to hide the smell of last night’s burnt dinner. Notice, this isn’t a cooking blog.
  • Include a dryer pumpkin with your pie baked for a friend.
  • Don’t use it as a dryer ball! You’ll get twine pieces all over the dryer.

With Christmas starting so early, we don’t get a chance to enjoy the falling leaves; we need to feel the change of the season.

For me, by the time Christmas arrives, I’m tired of it. So Santa, be patient and enjoy the falling leaves, white pumpkin decor, and have a piece of pumpkin pie.

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