DIY Pine Cone Flower

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How to make a DIY pine cone acorn flower or is that Foghorn Leghorn.

While writing this DIY project I found myself reminiscing about….Foghorn Leghorn!!

Yep, the extra large Looney Tunes rooster that showed up on our Saturday morning TV.

But back to the project and hopefully Foghorn will not interrupt. 😀

DIY Pine Cone Flower


Supplies for making a Pine Cone Flower

A pine cone {Mine is 4 1/2 inches tall}
Scissors or wire cutters
Old saucepan
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
1 1/2 inch wood disk, button or magnet {I found these large magnets at walmart and boy they stick!!!!}
Small button {I tied a piece of burlap thread though the button holes}

If you’re starting with clean or store bought pine cones you can skip the first step.  But doing the first step makes pine cones softer to cut or peel. 

I’m using one of the bleached pine cones from the three different batches of pine cones I’ve bleached this last week!

Steps to make a Pine Cone Flower

Step one.  Prepare the pine cone.  I’m not a fan of placing pine cones in an oven to clean.  Wood in an oven when you live in a forest area with my baking skills isn’t a good mix.  Instead, I place an old saucepan on the stove with water.  Bring to a boil.  Remove from heat.  Drop in the pine cone.  Remove in 15 to 30 seconds.

Note:  Pine cones will close with any moisture.  They open when dry.  It can take several hours for a pine cone to reopen.  Especially if it rains every other day for a week!!!  Argh!

Step two.  With a clean and open pine cone, start removing the scales.  Try “peeling” scales from the bottom of the cone.  If peeling is hard, try cutting with scissors or wire cutters.  It helps to spread the scales apart.  Remove 21 to 25 scales.


Step three.  Pile scales into small, medium and large.

Step four.  Start gluing using the larger scales.  Add a dollop on the end removed from the pine cone.  Place on the edge of your round.  When gluing on a magnet, I have to press and hold longer than of other surfaces.  That’s when silicone finger tips help. 🙂 Continue gluing around the circle.  I added 7 scales around the magnet.


Step five.  Glue the next layer.  I placed the scales between and just inside the first layer.  Again using 7 scales.


Step six.  Glue the final layer.  I placed them in a tight circle in the middle of the flower.

Display Pine Cone Flower


Step seven.  Glue your center object.  Mine was a button with burlap threads.  Other object ideas; jeweled pieces, an acorn, or beads.


I made free printable of pine cone and acorns if you wish to download click here.

The printable is just over 5-inches by almost 7-inches to….


fit in the middle of my thrift store silver tray.  That magnet is so strong I tore my first printable!!


Mike was reading my post as I was writing.  He saw the Pine Cone Acorn and said, “pine cone acorn sounds like Foghorn Leghorn!”

Heh, heh!  Still want the download??

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  1. Hi Jeanette, the pine cone flowers are so pretty. I did a post on pine cone flowers in the past but I did mine different. Your way seems much easier since I broke my Electric meat knife on the pine cones. What I did was slice the pine cones up so they look like flowers as well , very hard to cut them though the day I did that my kids were all watching me shaking their heads. they paint well to. Lisa@ Sweet Tea N’ Salty Air.

    1. Lisa, I saw some Pine cones on Hometalk where they cut the bottoms off and used them as flowers. They were very pretty. I tried to cut one but it was too hard. So this was the next best thing. Our kids have moved away, but Mike wonders about some of the strange things I do!!! 😕

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