Autumn at the Cabin


Autumn-at-the-cabin-country-design-style-feature-polaroidIt’s autumn at the cabin!

I couldn’t be happier 😀

My time of year with bulky sweaters, chunky scarves, and hot chocolate….well anytime is great for chocolate!

Today I’m sharing some autumn at the cabin photos with you.


autumn-at-the-cabin-country-design-style-mapleA walked around the outside of the cabin to show it’s autumn colors.

Okay, that’s it for autumn colors!

What can I say, we live in the mountains with pine trees?  The little maple tree we planted is the only fall colors we have.  But isn’t it a sweet maple tree in all it’s aged autumn leaves??

autumn-at-the-cabin-country-design-style-swingOkay, I will share a few more outdoor photos.  Time for a swing in the cool crisp air.

autumn-in-the-cabin-country-design-style-stileThe last of the flowers from summer.  We live next to the property line of a national forest.  The barbwire is forest fence.  The “stile” is our way to easily get over the fence.

It’s not a pretty sight to see us crawling around on our bellies to get under the fence! :/

The porch

autumn-at-the-cabin-country-design-style-front-doorThe front door area is ready with my favorite wreath for the year.  I’m using the same grapevine wreath and redoing at for each month.  The wreath has some autumn colors, painted autumn colors!  You can see the other months here.

autumn-at-the-cabin-country-design-style-my-nesting-tablesDon’t you love it when things come together?  I jumped for joy when I placed these tables nestled inside each other.

Well, maybe I didn’t actually jump…but I was excited!

The toolbox is a thrift shop find that hasn’t made it inside of the house yet.  It landed on the front porch and has held everything from napkins to glasses to magazines.

The mantel

autumn-at-the-cabin-country-design-style-mantel-LrThe scrap wood mantel turned to junky, rusty, and spindly autumn mantel.  Rusty autumn colors!

autumn-mantel-country-design-styleI miss the hydrangeas we had on the central coast of California.  The ones pictured are from the grocery store.   Do you know of a tip to make them last??  I do know how to dry them.  We have one hydrangea plant here with about 4 leaves.  I’m sure if it did get flowers one of these would eat them…

Autumn sounds

elkThese guys love autumn too!  Autumn is their rut {mating} season and they bugle throughout the night.

It’s really cool and after all a good nights sleep is overrated.

This guy scare us when we walked into the backyard and he was just standing there.  Thankfully he was more interested in finding females than attacking.


Anyway back to the mantel.  A close up shows wildflowers I picked and they will last f~O~R~E~V~E~R!


I sprayed them with that rubber stop leak stuff!  I have to admit I was feeling a bit guilty for spraying such pretty flowers, but I was more tired of cleaning up the mess they make! 🙂

hyrangeasMore hydrangeas as you walk into the living room.

I’ve thought about spraying them with the rubber stop leak stuff too!  If when I do, I’ll share the results, cause I will have to try!!!

autumn-at-the-cabin-country-design-style-nesting-tables-LrBack to my favorite…

autumn-at-the-cabin-country-design-style-graphicHave you ever tried rubber spraying real flowers?


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  1. chris aka monkey says:

    ha ha ha ha you crack me up rubber flowers ho ho ho, thing is they look cool i don’t know what that stuff is could i spray the dining table with it so the grandsons mess could be wiped up easily? you live in a wonderful place lucky you xx

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