How to Make a Pine Cone Wreath FAST!

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Mike does the gardening. I do the decorating.

Mike grows the pine trees.  I gather the pine cones.

This is the second pine cone wreath I’ve ever made!  It will not be the last.

This was super duper easy!  Made in 15 minutes…

and that included gathering 6 more pine cones! 🙂

How to make a pine cone wreath


We have three “blue spruce” pine trees.  I think they are blue spruce???  They produce small delicate pine cones.  Most years there are tons to pick up.  This year…

barely enough to make a wreath.

The first step was to clean the pine cones.  Many people bake their pine cones.  That’s fine. But, I choose to dip mine in boiling water for about 5 to 10 seconds.  Then I run water over them and let them dry.  They will close up when wet.  As they dry, they open back up.


The first pine cone wreath I made {using regular pine cones} was held together with floral wire.  I tried to use floral wire with these delicate little pine cones.

Didn’t work!

The wire was breaking them apart.  And I didn’t have that many.


However, there’s always a gun glue, right?  I started gluing the pine cones along the sides.  Each cone was placed tip to end.  If those blue spruce would have produced pine cones like last year, I would glue them butt down with the tips up.


Pretty ugly, right??  At this point, I’m panicked.  I used even the old gray elk trampled pine cones in the center roll.  I figure they can be filler and give the wreath a roundness.

Pine Cone Wreath Done!


What a difference 8 minutes makes!


The wreath has about 60 of these delicate little pine cones.  Including the ones, I gathered mid-project. I used the blow dryer trick to make the hot glue threads disappear.  More hot glue tips and tricks are here.


My mantel is getting overloaded with DIY projects.  Can you tell I’m excited about Autumn?

Here’s the list of DIY projects shown above.
Scrap Wood Mantel
Chunky Candles
Shabby Book Covers
Cotton Stems
Rusty Leaves
Melted Crayon Pumpkin
Coming soon DIY Leaf Banner


Here’s a pin to remember this easy project.  The next pine cone wreath will be made with regular pine cones and NO hot glue and NO wires!!!!

Tell me in comments below if you know what type of pine cones these are.

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  1. linda kelley says:

    I love this! I am stealing this idea! It would look great on my fall mantel. Thank you so much for sharing Jeanette!

  2. Your wreath looks beautiful! I think I will make one, we don’t have the regular pines here like fir but we have white pines I think they call them and they produce pretty large pine cones. Nice work! Lisa@ Sweet Tea N’ Salty Air

    1. Thank you, Lisa! I was worried about the wreath about 6 minutes into making this one. It was looking bad!!! But like most DIY projects, they have to get to “ugly” to start looking good. I will be sharing a “regular” pine cone wreath here soon. No wires or glue required!

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