Christmas Tag Ideas

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Have you ever wrapped a gift feeling that’s it not quite good enough? These Christmas tag ideas help boost that fanny pack or beer hat gift to new levels of excitement.

Wood tag on table top

How to make Christmas tags

Getting the basic shape of a tag is the first challenge. To help you, I made a print of tags in different sizes.

Grab your free and no email required tag printable here.

You can use the print as a template to cut out tags. The printable takes the guesswork out of how long to make the tag or place the corner cuts.

DIY tag materials

The materials to make tags to spruce up those off the wall gifts is endless. If you have a way to cut it, it’s a tag.

Use the template to make wood, metal, or cut out cookie dough to make edible tags.

Ideas for wood tags

Paint with chalkboard paint. The receiver can erase your message and reuse the tag to label the popcorn container. Make a set of chalkboard tags, and it turns into a gift.

Decoupage a Christmas card on the wood.

Handpaint and add hand lettering, or even better, let the little ones do the art.

Make dimensional tags like this wood cube tree made during our live DIY video.

Other items to glue on wood tags

Wood onlay appliques
A small wreath of beads
Wood lettering
Bottlebrush tree
A simple bow

DIY Live Videos

Make sure to follow the DIY activity on Country Design Style’s Facebook page. There’s a tractor full of 5 – 10 minute DIY projects.

Funny gift tag printable - Christmas tag ideas

Of course, the easiest way to make tags and get a laugh is downloading these holiday tags.

wood printable tag

If pretty tags are more your style, these soft printable old wood tags might make your toes tingle!

They’ll love your DIY Christmas tags so much they might wear that fanny pack.

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